From Idling To Rule The Gods
Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
3201 1 600 2600
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
Wizard gives 50% less divinity in divinity campaigns Wizard gives 75% more multiplier in multiplier campaigns. Increases the damage you do with multi target attacks in dungeons by an extra 0.63% * class level if your class is a mage.
Unlock Criteria Evolution Requirements
Unlocked through Milestones or Pet Token. Total Growth 12500
Material 625 Bound Feather
Other All monuments and upgrades except Black Hole at 666/666 or more.
He has read a lot of books about spells and such. In his younger years, he never understood the way to cast the spells. Now he has become really old and can cast them with his finger snaps.

Wizard is useful for fighting Evolved Balrog. If Wizard is in the team fighting Evolved Balrog, the boss will lose its ability to heal. It is recommended to at least use Wizard for the first form of the boss, but for each subsequent kill you can replace Wizard for another pet as the boss has less total HP. Replacing Wizard does require high DL pets (180+), since the damage they do has to make up for the boss now being able to heal.