From Idling To Rule The Gods
Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
3500 500 500 2500
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
It has -50% in growth campaigns, +65% in item campaigns, and +65% in godpower campaigns. Increases the damage you do with multi target attacks in dungeons by an extra 0.78% * class level if your class is a mage.
Unlock Criteria Evolution Requirements
Pet Token Total Growth 28000
Material 1400 Fire Stone
Other Get a total of 7500 growth from dungeon.(The tooltip only needs to show 3750 as Vesuvius gives half the growth it receives in dungeon at CL0.)
Notfromearth found Vesuvius on a seemingly lifeless planet. He found that he can absorb his eruptions, which make him stronger.

Special Ability

It will give 50% + 2% * class level, capped at 200% of the growth it gets from dungeons additionally to your pet with the weakest growth. This cap is reached at CL 75.