Ultimate Gods Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


Before this challenge begins, you perform a Double Rebirth resetting your multiplier. You must defeat P. Baal V11 to finish, increasing by 1 P. Baal per challenge. In this challenge the power of all gods are stronger by (1.2 + 0.2 * UGCs finished) ^ number of current god.

Unlock Condition

Finish at least one RTI Challenge




Challenge Points: 15
God Power Reward: 50
Statistics Multi: 2.5 million

Increases the Baal power earned from P.Baals by 2% per challenge completed, increased to 50% after completing all 20.

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

Similar to PBC, UBC/UAC help to defeat the higher level P. Baal. DRC’s completed, some beefy pets, level 50+ planet, 30-50k% Might. Due to the scaling of the strength of gods, the first couple challenges can be done fairly early while the second half of the challenge set will need to be pushed off for later. To finish the last few challenges in a decent time, you want many challenges completed (including UBC, UCC, and a v100+ RTI) along with strong god stats of 300k+ BS and 100m+ clones.


You can treat this very similarly to a PBC at first, but you will need to switch to longer runs of 3-6h rb's once you hit a wall with your current stats. Consider waiting until all UBC are completed first before going too far in this challenge.