Ultimate Beings V4

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Ultimate Beings v4, also called UBv4, is an end-game feature unlocked during each rebirth.


UBv4 requires high level dungeon pets, Light Clones, Shadow clones, and a high clone cap to be effective. Defeating them provides GP and UBV4 points, which increase Black Hole Chan's growth, campaign bonus, and dungeon elements. 

There are five UBv4's, based on the Ultimate Beings:

  • Planet Eater v4: Gives 20 GP and 1 UBV4 point when killed.
  • Godly Tribunal v4: Gives 40 GP and 2 UBV4 points when killed..
  • Living Sun v4: Gives 60 GP and 3 UBV4 points when killed.
  • God Above All v4: Gives 80 GP: and 4 UBV4 points when killed.
  • ITRTG v4: Gives 100 GP and 5 UBV4 points when killed.

A clean sweep of the five UBv4's nets 300 GP and 15 UBV4 points. Like UBV2, they do not respawn and can only be defeated once per rebirth.


UBv4 are locked at the start of each rebirth, and must be unlocked by doing the following.

  • Dimension Beamer (SpaceDim) :  Level 50 ( P.Baal V 50)
  • Black Hole + Might :  Level 100 (Ghost might counts)
  • Light Clones : 20,000
  • Shadow Clones : 10,000,000
  • Evolved Pets : 2 Defenders, 2 Assassins, 2 mages, 2 supporter pets 
  • UBV2 : All 5 defeated


TLDR: focus on increasing Shadow Clones, Light Clones, Defender defense, Mage attack, and Supporter attack & CL

To defeat each UBV4, you must defeat them using a combination of Shadow Clones, Light Clones, Pets, and Might. The fight consists of rounds in which the following occurs in order:

  • UBV4 attacks, killing Shadow Clones.
  • Your Mages attack(Magic Attack). This attacks the shield while ignoring defense and cannot benefit from additional Damage Pierce.
  • Your Assassins attack(Physical Attack). This attack benefits from any additional Damage Pierce you have but is only applied after the Shield has been destroyed by your Mages.
  • Your Supporters will use Healing to revive an amount of Shadow Clones equal to your Healing Power.

The fight ends when the UVB4 is killed, all the Shadow Clones are killed, or 50 rounds have passed.

All damage dealt by players will be multiplied by a random multiplier ranging from 0.9-1.1 or 90% to 110%. This damage multi is not to be confused with the random multi which is the multiplier to your damage you receive from the Dimension Beamer SD element.

To damage the UBV4, its shield must first be destroyed with a Magic Attack. Once the shield is destroyed, both Magic and Physical Attacks can damage the UBV4. Damage is reduced by the UBV4's Defense, but Physical Attacks can deal additional damage through Defense Penetration (see below).


Class Description
Defenders Defenders should mainly focus on defense although they also provide a lot of HP. It should be noted that HP from pets acts as a multiplier and follows the rules mentioned in the stat section above, as such you should try mainly focusing on defense for defenders. A suggested gear setup for defenders is a Magic Pot with Titanium Armor and a Titanium Ring all gemmed with an earth gem. Alternatively you can also use a Forest Armor and/or a Titanium Sword.
Supporters Supporters are your only source of damage reduction and your main source of Heal Power. If you have the ability to do D3+10 dungeons it is highly advisable using Ego Swords on your V4 supporters to get them to CL 50 as fast as possible. For your gear the optimal setup would be using full Inferno gear with fire gems but this tends to not be viable/advisable for dungeons so you will want to get as much attack as possible on your V4 Supporters while not sacrificing dungeons.

Alternatively you can also use Knives for the weapon slot which will increase the overall amount of damage you deal during fights but also reduce your survivability.

Assassins Assassins are your main source of Melee Damage and also provide a decent amount of speed, it is however almost never advisable to focus on speed over attack damage on assassins.

Similar to Supporters you will want to get as much attack as possible but your weapon of choice should almost always be Knives.

Mages Mages work very similar to Supporters and Assassins in the regard that you will want to stack as much attack as possible.

One issue that can arise from doing this is that it might hinder you dungeon progress so you will want to strike balance between straight up attack and survivability for dungeons. One decent option as a middle ground for this is using at least one neutral gem on your mages gear as it will increase damage dealt and offer some survivability for dungeons too.

Others Others provide a wide array of stats and affect just about everything except for DR. For any class choice mentioned above your choice of gear here will be similar to what was mentioned above but there are two exceptions which are new, those being Rogues and Blacksmiths.

Rogues are usually worse than Assassins for V4s because they offer less defense and attack, they do however give you more speed and in some cases having a full speed Rogue in your other slot can be very effective. It should however be noted that figuring out if this is a good idea is almost impossible by hand without directly trying it out.

Blacksmiths are essentially the best class for V4s as they provide a high attack stat and a high defense stat and will usually outperform defenders in the "Other" slots. You can give Blacksmiths just about any combination of gear that provides attack and HP but a more defensive route is advisable to also make the best out of them in dungeons if you decide to use Blacksmiths (Note: This is not a must and purely a player choice). For the weapon you will either want to use Knives or a Titanium Sword, the Armor can be a Titanium Armor or a Forest Armor. For the Accessory slot the optimal equipment would be an alchemist cape. For gems you will want to use Earth Gems and Fire Gems.

Note: If you are at the point of being able to do ITRTGv4 in under 6 hours stacking more defense might not have that big of an impact on you and it most certainly won't if you can beat it in about 4 hours or less. In those cases you will in most likely profit a lot more from just putting pets here in here with raw attack which heavily benefits Mages, Assassins, Rogues but also full attack Blacksmiths (do not do this to yourself).

UBV4 Stats

Each UBV4 has stats based on their tier and max HP.

  • Max HP: Based on Tier
  • Attack: 40% of Max HP
  • Defense: 25% of Max HP
  • Defense Pierce: 10% per Tier
  • Shield: 120% of Max HP
Name HP Attack Defense Defense Pierce Shield
PEV4 1.0e9 4e8 2.5e8 10% 1.2e9
GTV4 2.5e9 1e9 6.25e8 20% 3e9
LSV4 5e9 2e9 1.25e9 30% 6e9
GAAV4 7.5e9 3e9 1.875e9 40% 9e9
ITRTGV4 1.5e10 6e9 3.75e9 50% 1.8e10

Each defeat of a UBV1 decreases the Attack, Defense, and Shield of the corresponding V4. HP is not affected by this reduction. Defense Pierce is not directly reduced, but the additional damage dealt depends on Attack, which is. The reduction is given by:

Example: Defeating PE 5 times will reduce PEV4's stats by 50%. Defeating GT 5 times will reduce GTV4's stats by 66%.

Note on challenges:

UCC has no reduction.

UBV4C instead uses:

When attacking, the UBV4 has:

  • A 50% chance to use its 1st attack, dealing 100% of base damage
  • A 30% chance to use its 2nd attack, dealing 120% of base damage
  • A 20% chance to use its 3rd attack, dealing 150% of base damage

The base damage (i.e. clones killed) is equal to:

Damage Roll is a random multiplier between 90% and 110%.

Player Stats

Your stats are determined as follows:

Light Clone Power, used to calculate other stats:

Max HP, capped between 1x and 100x the number of Clones:


Melee Attack:

Magic Attack:

Heal Power:

Damage Reduction, capped at 50%:

Damage Pierce:

Pet Speed Bonus, capped at 60:

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What stats do I need to fight this V4 in this amount of hours?
A: It is hard to give a generalized answer to this one because of the amount of variables you have to take into account as one player might have more than enough damage from over leveled mages/assassins but severely lack in defense and/or healing power

Q: What should I do to improve my V4 times?
A: The answer will almost always be improving pet gear, growth of pets used in V4s, more clones and more LCs.
Improving gear can be split into upgrading it, reforging it, gemming it and even enchanting it.
If you want a more precise answer you will have to check your fight logs or a sheet made available by other players. Making your own sheet is also always an option as V4s are complex enough for it to be hard to accurately judge it.
One of the main goals will be to get 50% DR though so if you do not have this yet and are doing D3+10 dungeons or are close to that you should get a few supporters to CL 50.

Q: I fought a V4 and my HP hit 0 but I still won?
A: Yes that is normal. If you die in the same turn as a V4 that will count as you winning even if you technically die before the V4 does.

Q: How do I know if I can fight and beat the next V4?
A: You will either know this based on your feeling if you are experienced already otherwise there isn't really a way around using a sheet in a scenario like this.

Q: Is there any situations in which using a weak pet could be detrimental to fighting a V4?
A: No even if you have a weak pet having any pet in a V4 slot is better than having none.