Universes for Clones Challenge

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Reach a maximum shadow clone count of 20 million. You will start the challenge with a set amount of shadow clones and each challenge the starting clones will be halved from the previous challenge. You cannot raise max clones through god power and instead must raise the max with universes at a ratio of 1:1 (universe:clone).

1st Challenge: 16.777 million shadow clones max starting clones
25th Challenge: 1 shadow clone max starting clones

Unlock Condition

Have at least 20 million Clones


Challenge Points: 30
Statistics Multi: 3 million

Your building speed will be multiplied by (1 + 0.5% * challenges finished). Finishing all 25 will double the effect to multiply building speed by 125%.

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

For the first few challenges:

  • 1 million build speed, 100k creating speed, 1000 CC
  • 4 or more crystal slots
  • RTI unlocked. A high permanent RTI level in Divinity may help.
  • A strong set of Divinity Camp pets won't hurt.


Note: You cannot buy divinity with gp during this challenge. Lucky Draw and Divinity from ad points are also disabled.
Note: You can find the Universe to Clone conversion under the Creating page, universe buy tab. I.e. click the Buy button on the line that says Universe.

Pet Divinity Campaigns are allowed, and recommended. Godly liquids (+V2) and Chakra pills (+V2) are helpful.

Use your clones to build up a strong Divinity Generator (goal levels TBD). Once that's done, using extra Clones on the RTI Divinity Boost (and possibly even switching one of your RTI pets to a Rogue) can squeeze out some more Divinity.

Don't neglect the Crystal Factory -- use however many Clones are necessary to defend against UBs and get Ultimate/Physical/Battle/Creation crystals. If you have fewer than 4 crystal slots, you may need to prioritize these based on your build speed and creating speed levels.

Send pets on Divinity Campaigns.

Use the calculator on the Universe Buy page to see how much Divinity you'll need to finish the challenge in one fell swoop. E.g. if it's your first UfCC then you'll need a total of 3222784 (20000000 - 2^24) Universes, which will cost 12.676 septillion (1.2676 E25) Divinity. Keep checking back on this page periodically. If at any time you have enough Divinity to finish the challenge by buying all the rest of the Universes, do it.

Until then, keep creating Planets, Earthlike Planets and Suns (spending Divinity to do so), and use those to create Universes, which you trade in for Clones, which you can put to work wherever they're needed.