Ultimate Universe Challenge

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The Ultimate Universe Challenge (UUC) doesn't reset anything, you simply make a universe on your next rebirth to finish this challenge.

Unlock Condition

Have a level 5 Planet.




Challenge Points: 1
Statistics Multi: 500,000

Your Planet level is increased by 1, up to a max of 5+45=50.

Unlocks the Crystal Factory if not already unlocked.

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

UUC is doable with very minimal stats but it is recommended that you are able to build at least a 10/30/30 div gen in under a day while still being able to defend against all UB’s. 500k clones, 1k CS, 5k BS should be more than enough.


Be able to build a 25/25 or higher divinity generator while defeating all 5 ultimate beings to maximize your divinity income. This means around 800k clones and the equivalent BS. 22+ CC allows you to save a lot of divinity by manually creating the necessary materials instead of auto buying. For example, creating moons and above with 22 CC reduces the total divinity requirement to 1.72 quintillion (1.72E18).

When you're ready to build your universe, turn off auto buying on moons or planets and above, then use the creation calculator spreadsheet to see what your Next At's should be set to so your god will automatically make exactly what is needed without wasting divinity. For instance, at 22+ CC, you can set planets and up to 1385 planets, 14 earthlike planets, 138 suns, 22 solar systems, 5 galaxies, and 1 universe.