Ultimate Multiverse Challenge

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Starting this challenge is like performing a normal rebirth. If this if your first UMC, you will gain access to the Multiverse tab.

Your goal is to level up the Multiverse using Universes. The first UMC requires building a level 1 Multiverse, and the nth UMC requires a level n Multiverse.

Unlock Condition

Have a Day Universe Challenge score of at least 1 million Universes created.


None. You can buy Divinity with GP and from opening Lucky Draws.


Challenge Points: 25
Statistics Multi: 5 million

The first challenge completed will unlock the Multiverse tab for use outside of the challenge. Each UMC after the first completed will increase the levelling speed of Multiverse by 5%, for a total of 100% (twice as fast).

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

The amount of Universes and time to level increases every Multiverse level, so higher stats are needed for each subsequent challenge. Doing the first one to gain access to the tab is recommended, as you can use as an extra power source.

With minimum stats to unlock the challenge, you should be able to do the first couple challenges within a day or two. After that, do them in pieces as you get more clones and creating speed.


Focus clones on building a powerful DivGen to supply the Universes needed, and on the relevant RTI elements (Divinity, SpaceDim, Building/Creating Speed). SpaceDim elements to focus on are ones that increase your CS, BS, CC, and CP, to help build DivGen and level up the Multiverse faster.

Send pets on Divinity campaigns to create Universes. Millions of Universes are needed for this challenge, so you need all the Divinity you can get. Creation crystals help reduce time/divinity needed as long as you've done a DNDC.

Multiverse leveling cost scales at a rate of 5e6 Universes * Current Multiverse level. The first level only takes 1e6 Universes, however.

Multiverse Level Universes Needed per Level (Sci) Universes Needed per Level (Suffix) Total Universes Needed
1 1e6 1 million 1e6
2 5e6 5 million 6e6
3 1e7 10 million 1.6e7
4 1.5e7 15 million 3.1e7
5 2e7 20 million 5.1e7
6 2.5e7 25 million 7.6e7
7 3e7 30 million 1.06e8
8 3.5e7 35 million 1.41e8
9 4e7 40 million 1.81e8
10 4.5e7 45 million 2.26e8
11 5e7 50 million 2.76e8
12 5.5e7 55 million 3.31e8
13 6e7 60 million 3.91e8
14 6.5e7 65 million 4.56e8
15 7e7 70 million 5.26e8
16 7.5e7 75 million 6.01e8
17 8e7 80 million 6.81e8
18 8.5e7 85 million 7.66e8
19 9e7 90 million 8.56e8
20 9.5e7 95 million 9.51e8
21 1e8 100 million 1.05e9