Ultimate Challenge Challenge

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Complete other challenges (without the normal rewards).

Starting this challenge does not trigger a Rebirth.  During this challenge you can freely start other challenges as you normally would, with all the normal requirements and restrictions for each.  However, you will not get the normal rewards for completing them.  Instead, the Statistics Multiplier reward counts toward the completion of the UCC.  The UCC is complete when sufficient Statistics Multiplier has been gained from other challenges.  The goal begins at 2 million (2e6) Statistics Multi for the first UCC, and increases by that amount for each one you complete -- 4 million for the second, 6 million for the third, etc.

Completing a challenge for the first time in a UCC awards the normal amount of Statistics Multi, but each repetition of the same challenge awards 20% less (additive) until the end of the UCC. At most, you can do each challenge 5 times before you begin getting zero statistics multi.

While in a UCC, the tooltip displayed when hovering over the Challenges button on the Rebirth tab will show the challenges you've completed in this UCC, the Statistics Multi needed to complete it, and the amount earned so far.

Note: OC works slightly differently. You will not receive statistics multi, but you will receive Overflow Points.

Unlock Condition

Fully complete the following challenges: UUC, PMC, NDC, 1KC, GSC, AAC, CPC, DRC, and CBC.


You will not receive normal rewards, including challenge completions, beyond the stat multi reward for completing other challenges during UCC.

You cannot start any Day challenges while in UCC. Attempting to do so displays an error message popup saying "You can't start day challenges while you are in an UCC."

Recommended Stats



Challenge Points: 45
Statistics Multi: 1.0 million

Note: As of May 5, 2021 UCCs are uncapped. Originally, the challenge was capped at 20 completions. This section discusses the rewards from the original 20 and the uncapped UCC separately.

For the first 20 UCC, you will receive the equivalent rewards for 3 other challenges up to a maximum of 10 each in the following order: UUC, PMC, NDC, 1KC, DRC, and CBC.

This means if you finish 5 UCC you will receive challenge credits: you will receive 10 additional planet levels (10x UUC) and +10% energy from UBs (5x PMC) Completing all original 20 UCC will reward you with an additional 5 completion rewards for your GSC, AAC, and CPC.  Completing all 20 UCC also raises the cap for completions of NRC by 5 and PBC by 25, but does not provide the rewards.  If you had previously capped the rewards for one or both of those challenges, the bonus Challenge Points you received for capping them will be rescinded (possibly resulting in a negative Challenge Point balance) until you reach the new cap for those challenges.

After UCC 20, the rewards change.

  • For UCC 21 and more you get a retroactive multiplier for overflow points. It starts at 1% per UCC from 21 to 30, increases by 1% per UCC for every 10 more. Capped at 7% per UCC (reached at UCC 150). For example, having done 51 UCCs would mean 64% bonus to all past and future overflow point gain.
  • Increase the cap of the points you can get from OCs by twice as much as the overflow points multiplier. Currently the cap is 500, so with 51 UCCs the new cap would be 1140.
  • Completing #30, #40, and #50 also unlock new OP purchases. See more at Overflow Points.
  • For UCCs 50+ that you get 3 * 67 growth per unlocked pet (before the PGC bonus is applied), 500 rebirth bacons, and 10,000 god power after you finish each UCC.
  • Starting from UCC 55, every 5 UCCs you do will add 1 level to each OC purchase without cost increase (if a OC purchase has a cap like V2 Auto Kill, it can't go over the cap).

Here is a summary list of the completion rewards for completing an individual UCC for 1-20.

UCC Completions Reward
1 3 UUC
2 3 UUC
3 3 UUC
4 1 UUC, 2 PMC
5 3 PMC
6 3 PMC
7 2 PMC, 0.5 NDC
8 1.5 NDC
9 1.5 NDC
10 1.5 NDC
11 3 1KC
12 3 1KC
13 3 1KC
14 1 1KC, 1 DRC
15 1.5 DRC
16 1.5 DRC
17 1 DRC, 0.5 CBC
18 1.5 CBC
19 1.5 CBC
20 1.5 CBC ; +5 for GSC, AAC, and CPC

Statistic Multi for Challenges

Challenge UCC 1-50 UCC 51+ Goal
1kBHC 5,000,000 2,500,000 1/1 Black Hole (normal)
1KC 1,500,000 1,000,000 Baal (normal)
AAC 750,000 15,000,000 All achievements (normal)
BHC 750,000 500,000 1/1 Black Hole (normal)
CBC 1,000,000 7,000,000 Normal
CPC 1,000,000 8,000,000 600 Crystal Power
DGC 3,000,000 3,000,000 Generate 5 septillion Div/sec
DRC 500,000 500,000 Baal (Normal)
EMC 3,000,000 3,000,000 10,000/5,000 MS, 8,571/4,286 MG, ..., 1,428/714 ToG, 1/1 BH
GPC 200,000 500,000 1500 GP
GSC 750,000 2,500,000 Itztli Missing
LCC 1,000,000 15,000,000 1000 Light Clone average
MAC 6,000,000 6,000,000 30,000 might
MCC 10,000,000 10,000,000 Get 10 max level God Crystals
MMC 500,000 300,000 600 Billion multi
MQC 750,000 1,000,000 20th completion
NDC 1,500,000 1,000,000 Baal (normal)
NDMC 2,500,000 1,000,000 Temple of God 250/25
NRC 5,000,000 3,000,000 Baal (normal)
NRDC 7,500,000 4,000,000 P. Baal 10
NTC 1,500,000 1,500,000 P.Baal 20 (normal)
OCCC 3,000,000 15,000,000 30 million clones (900 GP worth of shadow summons)
PBC 2,000,000 4,000,000 P. Baal 25
PGC 7,500,000 12,000,000 V13 restrictions
PLC 200,000 200,000 10 million total pet levels
PMC 1,000,000 7,000,000 1 trillion %
SDC 1,750,000 3,000,000 Dimension Beamer to level 1000
SDGC 3,500,000 100/100/100 Super DivGen
TGSC 2,000,000 2,000,000 Itztli - Chronos Missing
TLC 1,500,000 3,000,000 1000 levels
TMC 1,500,000 5,000,000 30,000 might
UAC 35,000,000 75,000,000 Baal (normal)
UBC 5,000,000 10,000,000 Baal (normal)
UBHC 3,000,000 3,000,000 10000/10000 Black Hole
UBV2C 1,000,000 1,500,000 10th completion
UBV4C 1,500,000 5,000,000 5th completion (no stat loss v4s)
UFCC 3,000,000 3,000,000 32 clones to start
UGC 2,500,000 7,500,000 P. Baal 21
UMC 5,000,000 5,000,000 Build 21 Multiverse
UPC 2,000,000 5,000,000 Baal (normal)
USC Max 6mil Max 6mil Special formula for UCCs. Minimum time of 9 hours and no more points after 12 hours.
UUC 500,000 200,000 One universe (normal)

Strategy (UCC 1-50)

Rating Challenge Type Length Multiplier Details
A UUC Normal Short 500,000 Quick, but low multiplier
A BHC Normal Short 750,000 Quick, but low multiplier
A NDC Reset Multi Medium 1,500,000 High activity, but lots of multiplier per hour
A 1KC Reset Multi Medium 1,500,000 High activity, but lots of multiplier per hour
A NTC Reset Multi Medium 1,500,000 High activity, but lots of multiplier per hour
A NRC Reset Multi Long 5,000,000 Low activity and high multiplier. Useful on later runs
A 1KBHC Normal Long 5,000,000 Low activity and high multiplier. Useful on later runs
A NRDC Reset Multi Long 7,500,000 Low activity and high multiplier. Useful on later runs
A/B NDMC Normal Short-Medium 2,500,000 Depends greatly on CC/CS. Medium-high activity, useful on later runs.
B UPC Normal Long 2,000,000 Need to start new campaign every hour
B DRC Reset Multi Medium 500,000 Quick, but low multiplier
B PBC Reset Multi Medium-Long 2,000,000 Can be done with might runs.
B TLC Normal Medium-Long 1,500,000 Low activity if all RTI pet slots are obtained. Useful lategame if you can do it in < 3 hrs.
B SDC Normal Medium-Long 1,750,000 Low activity. Useful lategame if you can do it in < 3 hrs.
C PMC Normal Long 1,000,000 Low activity
C CPC Normal Long 1,000,000 High activity
C TMC Normal Long 1,500,000 High activity
C GSC Reset Multi Medium 750,000 Much worse than NDC
C UBC Reset GP Long 5,000,000 High activity, takes a long time
C CBC Reset GP Long 1,000,000 Only run if you have INAFC
C UBV4C Normal Variable 3,000,000 Low activity. Useful lategame if you can do it in < 3 hrs. Will be very long or impossible for weaker players.
F AAC Normal <2 days 750,000 Not worth it for the time required
F UAC Reset GP Very Long 35,000,000 Definitely not worth it for the time required

The Compiled Spreadsheets contains a UCC challenge calculator.

Strategy (UCC 51+)

Due to the change in multipliers given by challenges after finishing #50, challenges that didn't give much benefit before can now be included in your standard rotation. Challenges like PMC, TMC, MAC, UPC, and OCCC are very strong here.

While UCC can be done with many fast rebirth challenges, it can also be done relatively quickly while still incorporating more long-form challenges that will give you afk time and allow you to get the benefit of longer rebirths. The following challenge order can get you a UCC completion in about 4 days ( UCC 51+ only)

1x UUC ; 3x BHC ; 4x NDMC ; 1x MMC ; 2x 1KBHC ; 3x SDC ; 4x TLC ; 3x UPC ; 3x UBV4C ; 3x TMC ; 3x MAC ; 3x UMC ; 1x PMC ; 1x USC (6M multi) ; 3x OC (overnight)