UBV2 Challenge

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Beat harder versions of each UBV2.

Unlock Condition

To unlock this challenge you need to have at least 5 million clones and finish at least one UBC.


  • UBv2s will attack twice per turn, meaning you cannot completely prevent it from acting by feeding, and god-speed merely matches its speed.
  • UBv2 HP and Attack increased.
  • Reflection damage decreased, making Clairvoyance and Reflection Barrier harder to use effectively.
  • Non-poisoned creations restore more damage reduction.
  • Poisoned creations reduce damage reduction less.
  • UBv2s have a chance to heal 10% HP when below 20%.

During this challenge, levelling the Mystic Defense + above level 750 will provide additional defence during UBV2 fights. Below level 750, your damage reduction will be (level/10)%, as usual. Above level 750, your damage reduction will be (100-18750/level)%, with each doubling of your Mystic Defense+ level cutting received damage in half again. That means that at level 1500, you will receive only 12.5% as much damage as normal, and at level 3000, you'll receive only 6.25% as much. UBV2s will be more difficult than normal during the challenge, and each challenge will be harder than the previous one.


Challenge Points: 10
God Power Reward: 5*completed UBV2Cs (Caps at 200)
Statistics Multi: 1,000,000

This challenge will increase the multiplier bonus you get on each UBV2 kill as long as the might tab was unlocked prior to the UBV2 kill. If n is the number of UBV2s completed, and k is the UBV2 tier (e.g. Planet Eater V2 is k=1, ITRTGv2 is k=5), then the multiplier bonus per kill is 100% (1 + k + 0.1kn). The improvements are shown in the table below. Note that if at least one v2 is killed post might unlock you will additionally gain the bonus multi from any V2s that were killed pre-might in this rebirth. If no V2 is killed post might unlock, this bonus is forfeited.

Challenges Completed Multiplier Increase when Defeating UBv2 Total Improvement through UBV2C
0 x2.0 x3.0 x4.0 x5.0 x6.0 x720 (×1)
1 x2.1 x3.2 x4.3 x5.4 x6.5 x1,014 ×1.409
2 x2.2 x3.4 x4.6 x5.8 x7.0 x1,396 ×1.940
3 x2.3 x3.6 x4.9 x6.2 x7.5 x1,886 ×2.620
4 x2.4 x3.8 x5.2 x6.6 x8.0 x2,503 ×3.478
5 x2.5 x4.0 x5.5 x7.0 x8.5 x3,272 ×4.545
6 x2.6 x4.2 x5.8 x7.4 x9.0 x4,218 ×5.859
7 x2.7 x4.4 x6.1 x7.8 x9.5 x5,369 ×7.458
8 x2.8 x4.6 x6.4 x8.2 x10.0 x6,759 ×9.388
9 x2.9 x4.8 x6.7 x8.6 x10.5 x8,421 ×11.697
10 x3.0 x5.0 x7.0 x9.0 x11.0 x10,395 ×14.438
11* x3.1 x5.2 x7.3 x9.4 x11.5 x12,721 x17.668

If all 10 challenges are completed, you can auto-kill each UBV2 by levelling Physical Attack+ might to level 250*k. Autokilling or "one-shotting" ITRTGv2 also gives you a bonus of +20 GP.

*The extra multi from UBV2s reward for this challenge is actually capped at 11, not 10, completions. This is meant to serve as a hidden bonus reward as part of improving the Wolf pet, but can be done at any time to receive the extra planet multi from the UBV2s.

Completions to Max

10 (11*)

Recommended Stats

You will need lots of clones for this one, both for levelling might and for fighting the UBV2s. Finishing all of your 1KCs will also make a big difference. Having a high creation count (and creation crystals with DNDC) will help too with rebuilding your clones after each fight.

Some recommended stats based on one player's run log:

Challenge # Physical Attack+ Mystic Defense+ Loops required Overnight run
1 683 627 5
2 1060 1292 2 (overnight)
3 856 987 5
4 1001 1001 6
5 1041 1044 6
6 1070 1070 6 (overnight)
7 1349 1331 6 (overnight)
8 1508 1505 5 (overnight)
9 1494 1494 5 (overnight)
10 1778 1500 6 (overnight)


Focus on levelling your Physical Attack+ and Mystic Defense+ might. The first challenge can be easily completed with might levels around 600/600. The 10th challenge can be completed with difficulty at level 1300/1300, but you will find level 2000/2000 to be much more comfortable. You will need 20 to 60 Fakeverses to beat ITRTGv2, depending on your might levels and fighting methods.

During your UBV2 fights, don't worry about getting their damage reduction as low as possible. If you can only get 1 evil creation in before taking too much damage, that's okay-- just feed him one, then hit him as hard as you can, die, and repeat. Once the UBV2 gets below 20% health, it has a random chance to heal itself by 10% each turn. This may exceed the rate at which you can do damage; if so, you can overcome this by saving before each battle. If he heals, just reload and retry.

The common loops for fighting UBV2 will not work well in this challenge, due to the altered mechanics. A recommended alternative is a 1+3 loop:

reutiwieivv (default key bindings), or
God speed, Transformation aura, Feed (normal), Elemental manipulation, Feed (evil),
Mystic mode, Feed (evil), Transformation aura, Feed (evil), Ionioi, Ionioi.

Logs From Players

UBv2C, with HGE v56

reutiwieivv (vvv also possible) first: 450 might - 2, 3, 4 loops
no chance with 450 to survive GaA for one loop, so trained to 550. Still took 5 loops
trained defence only to v650 to survive itrtg, 6 loops
second: 700/750 might - 2, 2, 3, 4, 5 loops
third: 750/800 might - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 loops
fourth: 800/850 might - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 loops
fifth: 850/900 might - 2, 3, 5, 5, 6 loops
sixth: 950/1000 might - 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 loops - maybe 50% chance to do full loop against itrtg
starting to have to use vvv at the end for the first 3 UBv2s to not need another loop
seventh: 1000/1050 might - 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 loops - a lot of resetting against itrtg, others started healing inbetween too
8 loops against itrtg, as the resetting to get no healing and survive the loop got incredibly rare, so after below 20% doing 2 loops where I only had to get lucky to get a no heal run, was much better.
eighth: 1100/1150 might - 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 loops - second v against itrtg was kind of hard to get
ninth: 1150/1250 might - 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 loops
tenth: 1200/1300 might - 3, 4, 4, 6, 8 loops - able to do vvv even against GaAv2 (with dying on the third)


Even after 10 completions, upon subsequent completions, you still earn God Power equal to 5*UBV2Cs completed, capped at 200.