True God Skip Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


This challenge is similar to a normal GSC, but all gods which were skipped from previous completions will be skipped instead of only one.

Goal to finish: Defeat Tyrant Overlord Baal.

Unlock Condition

Completed all GSC.


Challenge Points: 20
Statistics Multi: 2,000,000

Adds a 2% bonus to the time multiplier per completion (this is bugged, and ignores the 60 minute divider), 50% at 25 completions and doubled to 100% total with the 26th completion. This bonus scales linearly from 0-100% at 1% per minute (full bonus at 100 minutes). See the rebirth page for details on the math. This provides an approximate 2x multiplier to your rebirth multipliers. Time multi affects the next 2 rebirths, so that is squared across two rebirths (giving at best a ~3.95 multiplier after 2 exactly 100-minute rebirths).

You can read about the time multiplier to rebirth here: Rebirth Multipliers

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

The stat requirements vary greatly depending on how far you want to push TGSCs.

The first couple of completions plays almost exactly like DRC. The middle ones are the ones you could benefit from many clones and good Might. After that, there is not much you can do to speed it up, although strong campaign pets, a large number of clones, RTI(∞) Tab unlocked, and Early Space Dim are recommended.

Strategy (early TGSC)

This challenge dramatically varies, depending on how many gods are skipped.

  • Up to Zeus this challenge works almost exactly like DRC, although after that problems start to become visible. The more the gods are missing, the more potential multiplier you lose without defeating them, but this is nothing some more monuments and one additional rebirth cannot solve.
  • Without Susano O you lose the fastest way to increase your multiplier(if you rush to Divinity generator for quick upgrades and purchases), Athena then Laima limit that even further. After that, up to Poseidon you should rely on upgrades(if you have strong Divinity generator, or you did all NDC's you do not even need to buy divinity) to single-attribute monuments. But if you have decent pets and around 10M clones, you can blitz through them similarly to the ones before.
  • Without Freya this challenge starts to spike in difficulty, as you lose the main way of increasing your multipliers, alongside 2^12 from missing gods this becomes troublesome. From this point, all remaining challenges play out the same: you beat the highest god you can in one finger flick, then wait until your multiplier is high enough, rebirth and build, train pets, relevant RTI modules, and powersurge as high as you can.
  • After losing Cybele, take into account that your monument multi will be significantly smaller, as you lose div gen.
  • Without Diana you lose monuments, so your overall multiplier will be even lower.

Depending on when you start this challenge, it is recommended to do 10-12 challenges first and leave the rest for the time when you are stronger or want a lazier, more idle, challenge.

Strategy (later TGSC)

Where you can beat all pre-Baal gods in your first rebirth you should switch to 3 rebirths totals due to how rebirth multipliers work: your rebirth multiplier uses the number of gods killed and rebirth duration factors (including a boost from SpaceDim Hyperlane Engine) from the last two rebirths, while Pet and Monuments multiplier only counts from the last rebirth.

Using SpaceDim during this challenge requires the Early SpaceDim ChP purchase. This is recommended. If you don't have it, some of the following sections may not apply.

1st Rebirth

Kill all gods and use all light clones on Hyperlane Engine (pets and monuments don't matter, you can send Pets to camps/dungeons and set clones on RTI).

A good duration for the first rebirth is 1h; the extra gain from 2h is usually less than the gain from extending the last rebirth by 1h until the point where that last rebirth exceeds ~20h (usually only happens on the last one (#26) if you don't use ad points and lucky draws to boost stats).

2nd Rebirth

Kill all gods, use all Light Clones on Hyperlane Engine, send your best pets (including Pandora) to the Multiplier Campaign (other pets don't matter, send them to other camps/dungeons). If monument upgrades are available, build as many monuments with upgrades as you can (if upgrades are not available then monuments don't matter, set clones to RTI/Might).

A good duration for the second rebirth is 2h, but 3h also works well and gives the added benefit of letting you feed your pets.

3rd Rebirth

After monuments are locked, a good strategy for the last rebirth is as follows:

Banked God Power

As your third rebirth time grows longer, more and more of your stats are going to come from Physical, boosted by Might. If you normally run with banked GP heavily skewed toward Bonus Creating, you may wish to switch that over to Bonus Physical instead.


Start with Symbiotic Link (pet stat) for the first 5-10min and then switch to Recursive Memory (Might speed) for ~1/3 to 1/2 of the rebirth, then spend the rest of the rebirth with ~60% Light Clones on Focusing Amplifier (Crystal Power) and the remaining ~40% on Symbiotic link (technically doing Symbiotic link with all Light Clones for a while and then switching to Focusing Amplifier is better, but up to the player).


Train all pets for 1-2h, then send campaign pets with a particular focus on Multi Camp (including Pandora). You can keep training the other campaign pets but the difference is rather small so you don't have to bother. Dungeon pets can be sent to a 12h overnight dungeon run, but otherwise, just keep training them with clones as they make up your base pet multi which is why training the campaign pets doesn't matter as much.

Shadow Clones

Start with everything on RTI where you can be lazy and just use spread or if you want to optimize start with Spacedim. Then you will want to focus on Physical later in the rebirth. Once Might is unlocked use all clones to level Powersurge until you can BB with a reasonable number of clones (It depends on the player but <10M clones to BB is a good goal). Then place clones on Powersurge and split the rest between might with a priority on Physical HP+, Focused Breathing, and Defensive aura. Also do some Physical attack+, Mystic Regen+, and the other four unleash, so that attack and regen don't limit you. You can train the other Mights a bit with a few million clones for some Total Might gain, but it doesn't do anything for the challenge completion. You can also put some clones back on RTI.

Example Runs

Here are some rebirth time examples for the last few to give an idea of challenge duration. Stats were 200m clones and a v147 RTI, so your last rebirth might be a couple of hours longer if the stats are lower. With 100m clones and a v111 RTI, the last rebirth will take about 30 hours. These are all without ad points and lucky draws, so if you use those then for each 16x stat boost you can use the times from the previous TGSC as reference (so #26 can be done with the times of #25 with a 16x stat boost, or with the times of #24 with a 256x boost). Physical is the important stat to boost, but you might have to also boost Mystic if it falls too far behind:
#22 (Gefion): 1h-2h-11h
#23 (Suijin): 1h-3h-12h
#24 (Shu): 1h-3h-15h
#25 (Gaia): 1h-3h-19h
#26 (Itztli): 2h-3h-24h

With 100m clones and a v111 RTI, the last rebirth will take about 30 hours.