From Idling To Rule The Gods
Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
-33333 -11111 -11111 -11111
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
All Campaigns -150% ???
Unlock Criteria Evolution Requirements
See below. Total Growth 55555
Material 2778 Bound Feather
Other Finish the Questline (You cannot use a Pet Token to skip this evo condition.)
Sylph is supposed to be the most powerful wind user. It is unknown where it resides. Perhaps look at the howling peaks of the Mountain?

Special Ability

If evolved to a mage, its attack will do one extra hit every 450 wind element, capped at 7 extra hits with 3150 wind element. This means that with a CL100 mage, Sylph would hit its base 3 attacks for mage, plus 5 from CL (1 more attack for every 20 CL as mage), plus a max of 7 additional hits depending on Sylph's wind element for a total of 15 attacks.

The wind element of equipped items will increase by 50%. For example a piece of equipment with +100 wind would actually be +150 for Sylph.

The Quest for Sylph

The full questline should take at least 726 hours, or 30.25 days given we need to gather the required 1452 Whispers of the Wind not including any crafting time. This assumes you are actively keeping up with what Sylph requires for its upgrades.

Each stage grants growth for a grand total of 55,995 growth gained through upgrades. That means at V4, Sylph will be at around 22,662 positive growth if its base form is not trained. This also means you will need to grow Sylph in your growth camp to a minimum of -440 growth before upgrading Sylph past its first form in order to achieve 55,555 growth for its evo. This is especially helpful if you do not possess a GC high enough to reach the 55,555 growth normally. The following table will show each minimum growth value.

Upgrade Min Growth For Evo Growth from Upgrade
V0 ⇒ V1 -440 6,999
V1 ⇒ V2 6,559 9,999
V2 ⇒ V3 16,558 13,998
V3 ⇒ V4 30,556 24,999

Campaign Bonus Each Form

Form Campaign Bonus
V0 -150%
V1 -100%
V2 -50%
V3 25%
V4 75%

1st Step

V0 -

2nd Step

V1 -

3rd Step

V2 -

4th Step

V3 -

Final Step

V4 -

Total Cost