Super Divinity Generator Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


Build a Super Divinity Generator, which is an upgrade to the ordinary Divinity Generator.

Unlock Condition

Have your Divinity Generator at 100k/100k/100k, or have completed a prior SDGC.


Acts like a Normal rebirth.

Goal to Finish

For the first, build a Super Divinity Generator with 10 upgrades in all 3 modules. To initially unlock the Super DivGen, you need to level each module of the regular DivGen (Capacity, Divinity Gain and Converting Speed) to 100k each. Once done, it will give you a box to click to upgrade to a Super Divinity Generator.

From there, each challenge will increase the number of levels needed in each of the three Super DivGen modules by 10. (So for challenge 4, you need levels 40/40/40).


Challenge Points: 35
Statistics Multi: 3.500 million

Unlocks an upgrade allowing you to transform your Divinity Generator into a Super Divinity Generator after 15 minutes into a rebirth.

A Super Divinity Generator is much more expensive and slower to build. This means the blackbar-limitations and offline cap do not affect it. Its efficiency is 20% + 4% per challenge completed, maxed at 100%. The average divinity gain at 100% efficiency is a bit higher than a normal Div Gen compared to the build time.

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

This is considered an endgame challenge and will best be saved for very late into the game when most, or all, challenges are completed. Having all UfCC finished and several hundred% of BS from pet equip, along with a very high v147+ RTI.


Typical build speed heavy challenge. Focus on BS boosting SpaceDim elements, and BS and SD levels in RTI (with high CL Supporter and Blacksmith). Chakra Pills will be a great benefit here.

Pets can't do too much to benefit you here, other than holding wood equipment to boost BS further.