From Idling To Rule The Gods

Discord[edit | edit source]

For any information or help with any of these sheets, please join the Discord Server and ask any sheet related questions in the #sheets-calculations channel.


Compiled Spreadsheet[edit | edit source]

The compiled spreadsheet contains a large amount of sheets that should cover most of your needs. Maintained by a few individuals, it is generally kept up to date.


Ryu's Pet Information Sheet[edit | edit source]

This spreadsheet contains raw data on pets, dungeons, equipment, and monsters.


RTI to 140[edit | edit source]

This sheet shows the stats and logs of players that completed a 140+ RTI for seed evo and their rebirth times.


Dungeon XP Calculator[edit | edit source]

This sheet calculates the average XP you can expect to get from dungeons.


Token Tier List[edit | edit source]

If you are curious which token pets are the best to spend your tokens on depending where you are in the game, take a look at this sheet by Nonomo: