Special Fights

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Special Fights are a set of turn-based fights you can do to gain a little extra divinity, stat multi, or even unlock the secret mole pet.

Training Cap Reduction

One of the most important mechanics of the game. Fighting special fights reduces the clone caps for your physical/skill training. If set to AUTO, this tab will automatically grant 3 levels in every currently unlocked skill per minute. While offline, you will only gain those levels every 1 minute and 40 seconds, and only in skills which level up at least once while you're offline. Every 3 levels will reduce the cap by 1 in each skill, as well as the equivalent physical training. You can set this to manual to try out the special fights, and also reduce the clone cap yourself. It is HIGHLY recommended you set auto to on at all times, only turning it off if you want to do a fight, then turning it back on.

Fight Options

Shadow Clones
  • Statistic Multi
  • Divinity = (2 * (Battle divinity/s) + (divinity gained from generator)) * 5n(n+1)
Note: n = last shadow clone defeated
Jacky Lee
  • Pet unlock (with 100+ levels in Physical Attack+ Might Training)
  • Divinity = (2 * (Battle divinity/s) + (divinity gained from generator)) * 200
  • Divinity = (2 * (Battle divinity/s) + (divinity gained from generator)) * 300
  • Good for Suicide farm 1Cap
  • Divinity = (2 * (Battle divinity/s) + (divinity gained from generator)) * 500
D. Evelope → D. Creator
  • Steam Achievement
  • Divinity = (2 * (Battle divinity/s) + (divinity gained from generator)) * 2000
  • Fastest way to gain Divinity of all the fights.
  • Divinity = (2 * (Battle divinity/s) + (divinity gained from generator)) * 4 * (gods defeated)

Divinity per Second

The "Battle divinity/s" used in the above calculations is equal to the theoretical amount of divinity per second you would receive from all monsters you have defeated at least once as if you were black-barring them. You do not have to have any clones fighting monsters, and adding clones to fighting monsters (except to defeat a new monster) does not impact the calculation.

You can identify the Battle divinity/s value by placing at least one clone in each monster fight you have currently defeated at least once, then hovering over the "Total Battle / s" tooltip at the top of the Fight -> Monster page.


Your damage is based on your phys/skill training as shown in the tooltips, as well as levels on various Might elements. In short, it is not ideal to do special fights with less than 100k in training for the damage skills you will be using, unless you are trying to max one-caps.

More info on special one-caps training can be found here: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/2874-idling-to-rule-the-gods/topics/661063-uac-lazy-mans-guide

Summary (written by Odin)

A player named Odin created the following rough summary of Special Fights, their use, and some tips. It is presented with keyboard shortcuts added and grammar fixed.

Special fights present a way to gain a bit of extra divinity as well as reduce training caps a bit faster, however, the effect on training cap reduction is rather low and not worth it so it's recommended to leave auto-fights on to reduce training cap and just let it happen naturally over time. For gaining divinity you need to fight the chosen opponent until they lose, or in the case of shadow clones, D. Evelope, and gods, until you lose provided you beat at least one stage of the opponent. Fleeing at any stage will reward no divinity. In shorter rebirths fighting gods is the best source of divinity, most attacks will kill each god in one hit until you reach a god that can kill you, and you will receive divinity based on how many gods you defeated. Attacking with Double Punch and High Kick works well, but Shadow Fist and Invisible Hand have a higher accuracy so using those when possible will make the fight a bit faster. Once you reach a god that takes multiple hits to defeat switching to Elemental Manipulation (T) -> Mystic Mode (H) -> Transformation Aura (M) -> Big Bang (K) or Ionioi Hero Summon (3) can help beat one more god and replace it with a god that kills you faster so the fight ends sooner. In rebirths that are several hours long (so your training is higher) and with a good Highest God Ever you may be able to quickly defeat Cthulhu using Elemental Manipulation (T) -> Offense Aura (V) -> Mystic Mode (H) -> Transformation Aura (M) -> Ionioi Hero Summon (3) and maybe adding a Big Bang (K) if needed. This will give you significantly more divinity/s than fighting gods, but if Cthulhu survives with a significant amount of HP you probably won't be able to finish it off fast enough (or even finish it at all) to get enough div/s to surpass fights against gods.

The divinity you gain from special fights is based on the div/s of the divinity generator combined with the div/s of monsters counted as if you BB every monster unlocked, even if 0 clones are assigned to the monsters, so it's worth pushing to unlock as many monsters as you can and then removing clones. The divinity from special fights might be rather disappointing compared to the divinity generator. Gods provide a significant fraction of the dig gen div/s, but still usually less, while Cthulhu can provide 20-30x the div/s if you can kill it quickly (about 200x the divinity/s per fight and each fight should take about 5-10 seconds). However, compared to div/s from monsters special fights against gods can bring several times more div/s than monsters alone. Special fights can be a great way to earn extra divinity, especially before unlocking the divinity generator. They are especially useful in MQC and in the earlier rebirths of UBC and PGC. Pet divinity campaign and divinity GP purchase will usually provide much better divinity gain so the value of special fights becomes far lower in rebirths where these alternative sources of divinity are used.