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The Space Dimension Device, or Space Dim, is unlocked by defeating P. Baal v5 and is accessed in the FIGHT menu (old UI) or between the Planet and Might buttons (new UI).

Once unlocked, you can spend Baal Power to buy Light Clones, which may then be assigned to elements to train special powers.

The first 500 Light Clones you buy cost 1 Baal Power each, the second 500 cost 2 Baal Power and so on. You can reset the cost to 1 with the reset button. You get one reset from your daily free draw and can save them up until you use them.

The Space Dim contains 20 Elements. Within a given rebirth, each Element must be unlocked by defeating a P.Baal (v5 for the first Element, v10 for the second Element, v15 for the third, and so on). Light Clones that are assigned to a locked Element do nothing until the Element is unlocked. The unlocking requirement may be skipped by purchasing the Early SpaceDim ability with Challenge Points.

All Space Dim Elements are capped at 2000 levels before completing all 20 SpaceDim Challenges, at which point there is no longer a hard cap to Space Dim Elements. However, most elements still soft cap after level 2500, and have reduced effect according to this table:

Space Dim Level Formula
0 - 2500 level
2501 - 10000 1978 + level ^ 0.8
10001 - 100000 2932 + level ^ 0.7
100001 - 1000000 5095 + level ^ 0.6
1000001 - 10000000 17782 + level ^ 0.5

List of Elements[edit | edit source]

Unlock at Name Description Soft cap
5 Controlled Entropy Increases the critical damage of TBS by 0.25% per level No
10 Quantum Genesis Increases your Creating Speed by 0.025% per level Yes
15 Fusion Torch Your clones will add 0.15% more stones per level to the Divinity Generator No
20 Fusion Retrofitting Increases the maximum bonus of extra worker clones at your Divinity Generator by 0.15% per level No
25 Dyson Harvester Increases the God Power from Ultimate Beings by 0.15% per level Yes
30 Hive Mind Increase the experience your pet receives in dungeons by 0.015% per level Yes
35 Timeline Manipulation Increase drop rate in dungeons by 0.01% per level Yes
40 Assembly Matrix Increase your Build speed by 0.025% per level Yes
45 Wormhole Network Increase your passive god power generation by black holes by 0.05% per level Yes
50 Dimension Beamer Unlocks Ultimate Beings V4 on the planet tab. Higher levels will increase the damage you do to them by 0.05% per level No
55 Focusing Amplifier Increase the crystal effect of crystal power by 0.025% per level Yes
60 Expanded Awareness Increases the Baal Power dropped from P.Baals by 0.025% per level Yes
65 Recursive Memory Increases the training speed for Might by 0.0125% per level Yes
70 Gene Splicing Increases the growth you get from feeding pets by 0.025% per level Yes
75 Hyperlane Engine Increases the time based rebirth multipliers by 0.05% per level No
80 Substrate Analysis Increases the pet stones you get from campaigns by 0.01% per level Yes
85 Sentient Latice Increases the main stat bonuses of equipped crystals by 0.05% per level No
90 Matter Compiler Increases Creation Count by 0.05% per level Yes
95 Symbiotic Link Increases the stats pets will gain from growth by 0.015% per level Yes
100 Self Replicating Al Generates 0.01 Baal Power per level, per hour. If less than 1, there is a chance it creates Baal Power Yes

Note: Self Replicating AI produces very, very little BP - around 1/20 of what you can expect per day playing normally. It is usually not worth it other than for OC points.