RTI(∞) Tab

From Idling To Rule The Gods

Road to Infinity refers to both the Challenge, and the tab it unlocks.

RTI Tab[edit | edit source]

Unlocked by beating the Road to Infinity (RTI) challenge. It increases various stats through two tabs: Levels, using Clones (similar to Might); and Pets/Stats, using Pets.

Similar to Might, the power of RTI persists through rebirths in the form of permanent levels. This is a permanent buff to your stats. You can also get a temporary buff to your stats by levelling the respective RTI element. These are called temporary levels and reset to 0 when you rebirth. Temporary levels roll over and become permanent levels depending on the amount of time spent in the rebirth. You can see the rate at which your temp levels become perm levels in the Lvl (temp)/Lvl (perm) tooltip in the RTI tab. Conversation rate increases by 0.25% every minute until it reaches 100% at 6hr 40min, and then slowly climbs by 0.1% every minute until 300% at 40hr. Below is a graph showing the efficiency of permanent level gains.

The amount at which perm/temp levels affect your stats depends on your RTI base multiplier and your pets assigned to RTI. This multiplier goes up by 1% for each minute into the rebirth, at a max of 100%. This cap can be raised by defeating P Baals over v100 in the RTI challenge. More in-depth info can be found below.

The total effect of RTI on a given stat can be seen on the Pets/Stats tab.

What To Focus On[edit | edit source]

Each of the elements on the RTI tab boosts a source of power, but some should often take priority over others depending on playstyle and the challenge you are in. These are ranked in the order many in the community consider order of importance, but some will come down to opinion.

  • SpaceDim: One of the most important elements, and spending time leveling up perm levels on this element will be very beneficial in the long run for many areas of the game due to the versatility of SpaceDim bonuses.
  • Building Speed and Creation Speed: Because these are multipliers to your BS/CS, their value to you is largely dependent on your other sources of BS and CS. These become very powerful and can somewhat replace some of the need to purchase BS/CS with God Power.
  • Divinity: Being a multiplier to Divinity gain, this one is very powerful. Very helpful for challenges like DGC, UfCC, and others requiring large amounts of Div.
  • God Crystal: This one appears to start out somewhat weak, but can really benefit you in longer rebirths. Not super important, but is another great source of GP.
  • Creating: Once you unlock RTI, Creating will often be your main source of Attack power and max HP. Because of this, boosting it any way you can will allow you to take down stronger gods. The boost from RTI is somewhat weak, but still beneficial.
  • Mystic: A boost to your main source of surviving fights with gods? Of course you should level this one up! Not as important as the other bonuses listed above, really becomes strong with a pet slotted into this stat.
  • TBS: Not crazy, but provides a nice boost in power. Very helpful for climbing challenges like the RTI challenge.
  • Physical/Battle: These two stats really get left in the dust in longer rebirths. And since RTI bonuses get stronger the longer you're in a rebirth, these two aren't very important. Still level them a bit for some perm levels since Battle has some use in shorter rebirths for regen after completing MQC and Physical can be good for NDC and other creation-limited challenges.

Pets/Stats[edit | edit source]

Allows pets to be allocated, increasing the effect of specific RTI Boosts. The total RTI multiplier for each stat can be seen here.

The general formula to determine the multiplier boost is:

The temporary and permanent level multipliers vary depending on the boost.

The pet multiplier is determined by which pets are equipped in the RTI tab.

The time multiplier starts at 0.00 and increases by 0.01 per minute after rebirth, up to a max of 1. This is increased by 2% (additively) per P.Baal defeated above P.Baal v100 in the RTI challenge. I.e.:

Pets can be equipped to the RTI page to increase the multi given by specific boosts in RTI (pet multi) and the level speed of specific boosts. This is determined by the pet's class and class level. Good RTI pets are pets that have a high class bonus, like Elf or Bottle.

You start with 2 free slots for pets to be equipped into and you can purchase an additional 6 slots although the price is quite steep at 500k pet stones and 25k RTI permanent levels of each stat for each of the 6 purchasable slots. Alternatively you can also buy these extra slots with real money if you prefer at $4.99 each.

  • Assassin: Boost Physical and Battle
  • Defender: Boosts Mystic and Creating
  • Adventurer: Boosts TBS
  • Alchemist: Boosts God Crystal (this is soft capped and will decrease after 7 days)
  • Blacksmith: Boosts Space Dim (this is soft capped and will decrease after 7 days)
  • Rogue: Boosts Divinity
  • Supporter: Boosts Building Speed
  • Mage: Boosts Creating Speed

*Note that pets equipped to RTI automatically gain class exp. as long as they are equipped.

As of August 16, 2022, the best RTI pet for each class is:

If you have Gray evo'd, the Children can make good alternatives to many RTI pets as they have a 0.8 class level bonus.

Because RTI bonuses depend on class bonuses, you should not place wildcard pets or pets that are evolved to non-ideal classes in RTI if you have any alternatives available

Pets will also gain XP while in RTI. They earn Class XP only, with a formula of (1 + (growth / 20000)) * 0.35 * (Mimic Multi) every 5 seconds. If a pet has an Ego Sword (or higher/lower tier) equipped, they will earn Class XP instead of the Dungeon XP it normally provides. Since Mimic gives a boost of 5% * CL to Class XP gains for pets in RTI, this makes Mimic a good choice for the Assassin slot. This has a trade-off since Mimic can become one of the strongest damage-dealing pets with enough Mimic Points

Levels[edit | edit source]

This tab contains the RTI elements to boost, each increasing a stat depending on its permanent and temporary levels.

Temporary levels are gained over time by distributing clones to a boost, and are reset on Rebirth. The time to upgrade a level is:

RTI score is the highest P. Baal defeated in an RTI challenge. If 100 or more, instead use:

pet speed is the speed bonus given by pets in the Pets/Stats tab. This only applies to certain boosts, based on the pet's class. If applicable, it is equal to:


A CL11 Frog Supporter has a pet speed of:

Permanent levels are gained on Rebirth, based on minutes since Rebirth (T) and temp levels L:

RTI Perm Efficiency.png

Components[edit | edit source]

There are 10 different RTI components, granting boosts based on temp levels LT and perm levels LP:

  • Physical: Increases your Physical stat. Multiplies RTI bonus with:

  • Mystic: Increases your Mystic stat. Multiplies RTI bonus with:

  • Battle: Increases your Battle stat. Multiplies RTI bonus with:

  • Creating: Adds Creating as a stat you gain from pets. This is the average of you pet's physical, mystic, and battle stats multiplied by your RTI Creating multiplier. Multiplies RTI bonus with:

  • TBS: Increases your TBS critical damage. Multiplies RTI bonus with:

  • God Crystal: Increases the god power gained from God Crystal. Multiplies RTI bonus with:

    • After 1000% bonus:

    • There is a penalty to rebirths longer than 7 days of 2% per day. This means after 57 days into a rebirth, God Crystal RTI will no longer give a bonus.
  • SpaceDim Speed: Increases the leveling speed of all SpaceDim elements. Multiplies RTI bonus with:

    • There is a penalty to rebirths longer than 7 days of 2% per day. This means after 57 days into a rebirth, SpaceDim RTI will no longer give a bonus.
    • After 1000% bonus:

  • Divinity: Increases your divinity gain from the divinity generator. Multiplies RTI bonus with:

  • Building Speed: Increases your building speed. Multiplies RTI bonus with:

  • Creating Speed: Increases your creating speed. Multiplies RTI bonus with: