Planet Multi Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


Your goal is to get a Planet Multiplier of 20 billion (2.0 E+10 %). Every completed PMC increases the goal by another 20 billion. (20 billion + 20 billion * PMCs completed.)

Unlock Condition

Complete at least one Ultimate Universe Challenge and have at least 500,000 shadow clones.




Challenge Points: 10
God Power Reward: 5 * completed PMCs (Reduces to 150 for any extra PMC done after PMC 50)
Statistics Multi: 1,000,000

UBs will drop 2% more energy on defeat.

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

Have a level 50 planet minimum, and be able to defeat all UBv2s. Black-barring Powersurge is a bonus, but not necessary. 3-5 million clones minimum. DRC, CBC, and 1KC help a lot to reduce the training time on might. NRCs also speed up the rate of UBs. UBV2C are helpful for the later PMC (25+).


Ensure that you can defend against every UB attack, put all remaining clones onto Div Gen so you can make a few universes to beat ITRTG v2. Once might unlocks, train as much might as you need to defeat ITRTG v2. Before the bonus from UBV2C, killing all V2’s gives you a x720 multiplier meaning you only need 1E8-1E9 from UBs and Power Surge. Unless you can safely BB Power Surge, it is not ideal to train it too much. Unless you have 10m clones or more, even with a level 70+ planet, anything more than 100k clones is a waste. BB'ing Powersurge would require a minimum of 10-15 million clones as well as a high DBC score.

It doesn't matter when you kill UBv2s, since they multiply all bonus, past or future, from UBs in that current rebirth.


Completions after 50 grant 150 God Power each.