Pets Card Game

From Idling To Rule The Gods

This is a mini game you can play that is similar to Triple Triad from Final Fantasy, but with your pets as the cards and the Gods as your opponents!

To reach this game you simply press the AFK toggle in the top right of your screen and you will see a list of options appear under the toggle. Go to the Pet Cards tab and you're ready to play!

How to Play

The player and the opponent each use 5 cards. The players will alternately set one card into the 3 x 3 field. The 5 cards are chosen at random from the card deck which must have at least 10 cards preselected by the player unless you have not yet received 10 cards.

Player Cards are blue and the opponents cards are red. On each card there is a number to the left, right, top and bottom of the card which represents the power of that card. If a player sets a card next to another card of the opposite color, they can turn the color of the opposite card into their own color if the card placed has a higher power level in the direction of the other card.


Each card has an element, the same as your actual pets do in game. A card with a lower power level can win against a card with a higher power level if their element gives enough bonus to raise the lower level higher than the opponents power level. A winning element gets a boost of 2 to their power level.

Fire > Wind > Earth > Water > Fire


If a newly set card wins against an opponents card and the color changes, the newly changed card will also battle the cards in the other 3 directions and attempt to change their color as well.


The player who has the most cards as their color after all 9 cards are placed will win. If you are the winner, you will receive a random card from the deck used by the God you faced. You can have at most 1 of each card, meaning when you get a duplicate you will instead receive trading points.

The amount of points received are equal to all of the power levels of the card duplicate added together. You can then use these points to purchase pet food in the main game! You can spend at most 30 * Unlocked Pets (in the main game) per day. Getting the daily free draw will reset the counter.

For each battle you also get a score but it is only for your ego. It is calculated as: All numbers of opponent cards combined - all numbers of your used cards combined + blue cards at the end *2. This means if you use weaker cards than your opponents, you can gain more points if you win. The score can only be less than 0 if you lose.

There is no real penalty for losing other than a higher number on the loss statistics. Can you obtain all the cards in the game with 0 losses?!