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Pets and related mechanics are available from the start of the game. Over time, you will gather up a crew of little critters who can train against your clones, and boost the stats of your God as they get stronger. Your pets can also be sent to campaigns, which are 1-12 hour missions for food, divinity, items, GP, and more.

Once you have at least 6 pets, you can also send them to explore special Dungeons. There, they can gather resources and use them to craft weapons, armors, and accessories, which give bonuses to your Pets' stats and also to your God's stats.

List of Pets[edit | edit source]

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Pet Name Element Recommended Class Class Bonus Unlock Condition Evo Difficulty (1-10) Improve Available Release Date (Y/M/D)
Mouse.png Mouse Earth.png Wildcard +50% to food camps Defeat Gods 1 2016-03-10
Frog.png Frog Water.png Supporter 0.5% x CL Defeat Gods 1 2019-06-28
Bee.png Bee Wind.png Alchemist 0.5% x CL Defeat Gods 1 2019-06-28
Cupid.png Cupid Wind.png Adventurer/Wildcard 0.5% x CL Defeat Gods 4 (1 Event) 2017-02-14
Egg.png Egg/Chicken Wind.png Assassin 0.5% x CL Defeat Gods 2 2018-09-29
Armadillo.png Armadillo Earth.png Defender 0.5% x CL Defeat Gods 3 2020-08-13
Squirrel.png Squirrel Fire.png Rogue 0.5% x CL Defeat Gods 2 2016-03-12
Rabbit.png Rabbit Earth.png Mage 0.51% x CL Defeat P.Baal 5 2 Yes 2016-03-10
Cat.png Cat Neutral.png Assassin 0.51% x CL Defeat P.Baal 10 3 2016-03-10
Dog.png Dog Neutral.png Defender 0.53% x CL Defeat P.Baal 15 3 2016-03-10
Fairy.png Fairy Wind.png Supporter 0.55% x CL Defeat P.Baal 20 4 2016-03-10
Dragon.png Dragon Fire.png Mage 0.57% x CL Defeat P.Baal 25 3 2016-03-10
Snake.png Snake Water.png Alchemist 0.6% x CL Defeat P.Baal 30 6 2017-03-31
Shark.png Shark Water.png Assassin/Adventurer 0.6% x CL Defeat P.Baal 35 4 2017-03-31
Octopus.png Octopus Water.png Blacksmith 0.65% x CL Defeat P.Baal 40 4 2017-03-31
Valkyrie.png Valkyrie Wind.png Defender 0.61% x CL Defeat P.Baal 45 5 2019-10-27
Slime.png Slime Water.png Mage 0.62% x CL Defeat P.Baal 50 5 2017-03-31
Whale.png Whale Water.png Defender 0.65% x CL Defeat P.Baal 55 6 2018-09-29
Hydra.png Hydra Water.png Adventurer 0.7% x CL Defeat P.Baal 60 4 2018-09-29
Pandora's box.png Pandora's Box Neutral.png Adventurer 10.9% x CL Defeat P.Baal 66 7 2018-09-29
Lucky Coin.png Lucky Coin Earth.png Assassin 21.28% x CL Defeat P.Baal 77 8 2019-10-27
Balrog.png Balrog Fire.png Mage 1.4% x CL Defeat P.Baal 88 9 2020-08-13
Gray.png Gray Neutral.png Special 3New Pets Defeat P.Baal 100 9 Yes 2021-06-07
Bug.png Bug Fire.png Adventurer/Wildcard 0.5% x CL Special Task 1 2021-01-21
Mole.png Mole Earth.png Adventurer/Wildcard 0.5% x CL Special Task 2 2017-03-31
Camel.png Camel Fire.png Adventurer/Wildcard 0.51% x CL Special Task 3 2017-03-31
Goat.png Goat Earth.png Rogue/Adventurer 0.58% x CL Special Task 5 2017-03-31
Ape.png Ape Fire.png Assassin/Adventurer 0.65% x CL Special Task 6 Yes 2018-09-29
Flying cloud.png Flying Cloud Wind.png Supporter 0.75% x CL Special Task 5 2018-09-29
Holy ITRTG Book.png Holy ITRTG Book Fire.png 4All Classes 0.4% x CL Special Task 7 Yes 2018-09-29
God Power.png God Power (Pet) Fire.png Adventurer/Wildcard 0.53% x CL Special Task 4 Yes 2020-10-23
Turtle.png Turtle Earth.png Defender 0.6% x CL Special Task UAC 2016-03-17
Afky clone.png Afky Clone Neutral.png Adventurer 0.6% x CL Special Task 6 (Token) Yes 2018-04-01
Stone.png Stone/Golem Earth.png Adventurer 100% All campaigns (CL doesn't matter) Special Task 4 2018-02-14
Chameleon.png Chameleon All Dungeon Wildcard 5All Elements Special Task 4 2019-02-12
Undine.png Undine Water.png Rogue 1.5% x CL Special Task 6 2019-04-01
Gnome.png Gnome Earth.png Defender 1.5% x CL Special Task 7 2021-07-29
Salamander.png Salamander Fire.png Supporter 1.5% x CL Special Task 6 2022-01-16
Sylph.png Sylph Wind.png Mage 1.5% x CL Special Task 7 2022-02-27
Aether.png Aether Neutral.png Adventurer 1.5% x CL Special Task 7 2021-07-29
Anteater.png Anteater Earth.png Blacksmith 0.7% x CL Special Task 5 2019-06-28
Gold Dragon.png Golden Dragon Neutral.png Alchemist 0.65% x CL Special Task 4 2018-08-06
Living Draw.png Living Draw Neutral.png Adventurer 0.8% x CL Special Task 4 Yes 2020-10-02
Black Hole Chan.png Black Hole Chan Neutral.png Mage/Adventurer 61.17% x CL Special Task 8 2020-02-01
Treasure.png Treasure/Mimic Neutral.png Assassin 1.25% x CL Special Task 8 2020-08-13
Seed.png Seed/Yggdrasil Earth.png Adventurer 1.7% x CL Special Task 10 2020-08-03
Rudolph.png Rudolph Wind.png Rogue 0.55% x CL Pet Token 3 2017-12-21
Santa.png Santa Fire.png Supporter 0.7% x CL Pet Token 4 2019-12-20
Elf.png Elf Wind.png Blacksmith 0.9% x CL Pet Token 8 2020-12-18
Pumpkin.png Pumpkin Fire.png Adventurer 7Chocolate Pet Token 3 Yes 2017-10-16
Ghost.png Ghost Neutral.png Rogue 0.65% x CL Pet Token 4 2018-10-22
Nightmare.png Nightmare Fire.png Adventurer 0.9% x CL Pet Token 6 2019-10-27
Question.png Question Neutral.png Alchemist 0.51% x CL Pet Token 3 2019-01-07
Chocobear.png Chocobear Earth.png Adventurer 0.56% x CL Pet Token 3 Yes 2019-02-12
Rose.png Rose Earth.png Alchemist 0.75% x CL Pet Token 4 2021-02-10
Doughnut.png Doughnut Earth.png 8Adventurer/Wildcard 8Mighty food Pet Token 2 Yes 2016-03-10
Eagle.png Eagle Wind.png Adventurer 0.52% x CL Pet Token 3 2016-03-10
Penguin.png Penguin Water.png Assassin 0.53% x CL Milestones or Pet Token 3 2016-03-17
Hermit crab.png Hermit Crab Water.png Blacksmith 0.51% x CL Milestones or Pet Token 1 2018-09-29
Hedgehog.png Hedgehog Fire.png Adventurer/Wildcard 0.58% x CL Pet Token 3 2018-09-29
Phoenix.png Phoenix Fire.png Alchemist 0.6% x CL Pet Token 4 2016-03-10
Wizard.png Wizard Wind.png Mage 0.63% x CL Milestones or Pet Token 5 2017-03-31
Pegasus.png Pegasus Wind.png Blacksmith 0.7% x CL Pet Token 4 2017-03-31
Panda.png Panda Earth.png Supporter 0.67% x CL Pet Token 5 2018-09-29
Ufo.png UFO Neutral.png Adventurer 0.7% x CL Pet Token 4 2017-03-31
Robot.png Robot Neutral.png Blacksmith 0.75% x CL Pet Token 6 Yes 2017-03-31
Otter.png Otter Water.png Adventurer 0.8% x CL Pet Token 5 2019-10-27
FSM.png FSM Wind.png Adventurer 0.85% x CL Pet Token 6 2018-09-29
Elephant.png Elephant Fire.png Defender 0.8% x CL Pet Token 6 2019-06-28
Vaccina.png Vaccina Earth.png Alchemist 0.65% x CL Pet Token 5 2020-03-21
Corona.png Corona Wind.png Adventurer 0.7% x CL Special Task 5 Yes 2020-03-21
Firefox.png Firefox Fire.png Blacksmith 0.75% x CL Pet Token 5 2020-04-08
Beachball.png Beachball Water.png Adventurer 0.67% x CL Pet Token 5 2020-06-22
Tanuki.png Tanuki Neutral.png Supporter 0.68% x CL Pet Token 4 2020-08-03
Seal.png Seal Water.png Alchemist 0.64% x CL Pet Token 4 2020-08-13
Raven.png Raven Wind.png Rogue 0.67% x CL Pet Token 5 2020-08-13
Hourglass.png Hourglass Wind.png Supporter 1.0% x CL Pet Token 8 (Token) 2021-01-02
Archer.png Archer Neutral.png Assassin 1.2% x CL Pet Token 8 2021-01-30
Thunder Ball.png Thunder Ball/Raiju Wind.png Adventurer 1.3% x CL Pet Token 8 2020-08-13
Bottle.png Bottle Fire.png Alchemist 0.9% x CL Pet Token 6 2021-03-06
Bag.png Bag Neutral.png Adventurer 1.0% x CL Pet Token 7 2021-03-06
Mysterious Egg.png Mysterious Egg Fire.png Defender 1.5% x CL Pet Token 9 2021-03-06
Succubus.png Succubus Fire.png Assassin 1.0% x CL Pet Token 6 2021-06-07
Clam.png Clam Water.png Rogue 0.6% x CL Pet Token 3 2021-07-29
Earth Eater.png Earth Eater Earth.png Adventurer 1.32% x CL Pet Token 8 2021-07-29
Portal.png Portal Wind.png Adventurer 1.0% x CL Pet Token 6 2021-08-14
Cardboardbox.png Cardboardbox Wind.png Rogue 0.9% x CL Pet Token 6 2021-08-14
Unicorn.png Unicorn Neutral.png Adventurer 1.2% x CL Pet Token 8 2021-08-14
Stale Tortilla.png Stale Tortilla/Taco Neutral.png Alchemist 0.8% x CL Pet Token 5 2021-10-08
Witch.png Witch Water.png Mage 1.25% x CL Pet Token 9 (8 Event) 2021-10-27
Sloth.png Sloth Earth.png Adventurer 1.25% x CL Pet Token 7(Token) 2021-11-18
Cocoa.png Cocoa Neutral.png Alchemist 0.55% x CL Pet Token 4 (2 Event) 2022-01-16
Wolf.png Wolf Neutral.png Adventurer 1.0% x CL Special Task 6 2022-01-16
Vesuvius.png Vesuvius Fire.png Mage 0.78% x CL Pet Token 5 2022-02-13
Swan.png Swan Water.png Wildcard(Fisher) 0.2% x CL Pet Token 4 2022-02-13
Void.png Void Neutral.png Alchemist 0.85% x CL Pet Token 6 2022-03-15
Pignata.png Pignata Earth.png Wildcard 9Rebirth Bacon Pet Token 4 2022-04-16
Baby Carno.png Baby Carno Neutral.png Assassin 2% x CL Secret 9 2022-05-31
Lizard.png Lizard Water.png Adventurer 0.9% x CL Pet Token 6 2022-07-07
Meteor.png Meteor Fire.png Adventurer 0.85% x CL Special Task 2022-09-11
Sphinx.png Sphinx Earth.png Adventurer 0.67% x CL Special Task Yes 2022-09-11
Neutral.png 4All Classes 0.5% x CL Secret 9 Yes 2020-10-23
Neutral.png Defender 1.2% x CL Secret 10 2022-04-01
Neutral.png Alternates Special Secret 8 Yes 2022-04-16

Things to Note[edit | edit source]

Below are explanations for the various terms that appear in the pet list.

Evo Difficulty: This rating suggests the relative difficulty for evolving a pet. This is not a list of which pets you should evolve before others.

1-2 = Very Easy, 3-4 = Easy, 5-6 = Moderate, 7-8 = Hard, 9-10 = Very Hard.

Evolve Condition - (Event): This means reaching the evolution requirements is much easier during an event, where you have access to rewards from participating.

Evolve Condition - (Token): Although you do not have to use a pet token Token this evolution condition, it is recommended. This is usually the case when gaining another pet token for the evolution is faster/less tedious than just doing the evolution itself.

Evolve Condition - (UAC): This is only for the Turtle Pet. If you consider doing both UAC(1 for unlock, and 2 for evolution) easy, then this pet won't be that difficult to unock. If you consider that torture, then using a Pet Token is the better option.

Improve Available: Some pets have the option to be further improved by spending a Pet Token their respective pet details page.

Wildcard: These pets either don't have an evolution specialty, or have an evolution/class bonus that is relatively inconsequential. Therefore, evolving these pets into something you need tends to be more impactful than going with any bonus that they have. Most wildcards are best evolved into Alchemists/Blacksmiths to expedite crafting, or as Rogues/Supporters to fill out your dungeon teams as needed.

Class Bonus: Most pets have a bonus when evolved to a particular class. If a pet gets a bonus as Adventurer, they are considered an Adventurer specialist. The more growth a pet takes to evolve, the stronger its class bonus will be. Class bonus for most pets is equal to ((growth required for evolution / 50,000) + 1) * 0.5. If the maximum bonus at class level 100 is different than what is should be, it will be listed.

Note: The suggested pet evolution difficulties assumptions that the player has followed a reasonably common path of growth/purchases. For players who have accelerated their game with pet tokens, or who have delayed developing pets, some of the suggested difficulties may not be accurate.

1 Pandora's box also has a mechanic that increases campaign rewards for every pet in the campaign with it. This bonus is determined by growth and feedings in this rebirth. For every 5k growth up to 100k, there is a 3% increase. After that, it becomes 4% for every 5k. For feedings, the increase is 0.1% per feeding, up to 2%, however this resets if Pandora's Box starves or you rebirth.
2 Lucky Coin also has a rogue-like quality, where drop chance for loot increases by (total damage done^0.3/10)%
3 Gray can create up to 2 children with their own classes and elements. Child 1 can be an alchemist, adventurer, or blacksmith. Child 2 (token upgrade only) can be any dungeon class. Children will have a bonus of 0.8% x CL regardless of class chosen.
4 Book can change class without any downsides or cost, and when it's in a dungeon it will automatically count as the correct class in any dungeon event.
5 Chameleon can freely change element. When sent into a dungeon, Chameleon will count as any element for dungeon events.
6 Black Hole Chan only gains this bonus if it takes the mage class. Before evo, it also gains a bonus to 25 + sqrt(UBV4 points^1.01)%, capped at 200% and twice as much to all elements. Post-evo, it also gains a bonus to all campaigns using the formula (1.3Million seconds - fastest time in seconds to beat ITRTGv4)^.3-30 and grants twice as much to all elements.
7 Pumpkin finds chocolate in food campaigns, which can be increased by (50 + CL x 2.5)%. If tokened, Pumpkin will gain an additional bonus to finding chocolate by 2% x CL, and double for mighty food.
8 While Doughnut doesn't receive a bonus for being an adventurer, it does receive a bonus to mighty food found in food camps by (50 + 0.5 x CL)%.
9 Pignata will give you (10 + 0.5 * class level) rebirth bacon every time you bash it open (once per daily draw reset).

Pet Tokens and Class Change Tokens[edit | edit source]

Pet Tokens can be used to unlock new pets, upgrade certain pets, increase pet growth, and bypass the third "special" evolve requirement for most pets.
Some pets cannot have their special evolve condition bypassed. Those being Goat, Ape, Cloud, Pandora's Box, Holy Book, Gold Dragon, Lucky Coin, Undine, Gnome, Salamander, Black Hole Chan, Seed (Yggdrasil), and Balrog.

For more info, see Pet Token.

Class Change (CC) Tokens are used to change the class of an evolved pet without needing materials and without losing XP. You can buy them for 250k pet stones, unlock one every 10 pets you evolve, or by receiving them as a reward for any UAC completions after 2.

Token Tier List[edit | edit source]

If you are curious which token pets are the best to spend your tokens on, take a look at this sheet by Nonomo:

Also refer to Early Token Pets

See Also[edit | edit source]