Pet Level Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


This is like a normal rebirth in which you train your pets with shadow clones or via Level Campaign to a total pet level between all of your pets.

Each challenge requires your total pet levels to be 1500 + (1500 * PLCs Completed)

Unlock Condition

Completed 2 UPC.


Challenge Points: 1 Statistics Multi: 200,000

Pets will start out with 20 * challenges completed levels after rebirthing.

Note that pets with negative growth will receive these levels, too, but this has no affect on your total pet multiplier.

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

Having the ChP and Pet Stone purchases that increase the rate at which pets gain levels from clones (Auto Half Stats, Custom Half Stats, XP Overflow) will speed up this challenge. Decent total pet growth (~100k+), which should be achievable about the time you have this challenge unlocked if you've been utilizing pet food and growth camps. If you have several pets with very low, or even negative growth, it can increase the amount of time it takes to complete.


If you have Custom Half Stats, set the ratio to 1/556/550 for the fastest rate of leveling. If your pets die from this, or you cannot play as actively, try increasing the Physical ratio to 10 or 20 to level your pets slightly slower and with less chance of dying.

The challenge gets easier the more pets and the more growth you have. If you have low amounts of either of these, the later challenges may take a while. If the challenge takes longer than a couple hours, the return on fighting clones begins to diminish, and you may get better results by sending your pets on Level Campaigns.

Overall, this is a very easy challenge that can and should be done shortly after unlocking it. It provides a decent boost in power at the start of the rebirth, and even works in challenges like CBC, UBC, PGC, 1KC, and NTC where it is difficult or time-consuming to level your pets by fighting clones.