P. Baal Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


Arty challenge too hard? DRC too easy? Try this! Get to a P Baal within 5 rebirths with all of your stats!

Unlock Condition

Kill P.Baal 5


You have 5 rebirths (including the one to start it) to get to P.Baal * number of challenges finished


Challenge Points: 20
God Power Reward: 30
Statistics Multi: 2.0 million

Your monuments will have 4% higher rebirth caps for each challenge finished (max 100%) and each P.Baal will have a 4% chance to drop a second GP (max 100%). If you have finished 25 of them, Black Hole upgrades will increase their rebirth multi by 50%.

The additional 25 unlocked by completing 20 UCCs further increase the monument rebirth cap and P.Baal GP by 4% per challenge completion after 25, making the max 200% for each. This means all P.Baals will drop 3 GP instead of 2.

Completions to Max

25 (50 after UCC #20)

Recommended Stats

DRC’s completed, some beefy pets, level 50+ planet, 30-50k% might. UAC/UBC’s can also help immensely by reducing the stats of later P.Baals exponentially.


Early runs will be only slightly harder than a DRC. on your first challenge you should be aiming to kill 6-7 gods per rebirth (or more), while later challenges will require up to ten or more gods per rebirth.

In terms of stats, you are aiming for 1e59 to kill P Baal 1, so you will need to get at least 1e12 stats per rebirth. This means getting to at least Gefion without rebirthing.

PBv25 will have stats up to 1e106 (less with UBC’s) so if you can get to Diana (1e18) before might unlocks, then you should be able to push nearly to Freya (1e30). Getting past Freya on RB 1 in a reasonable time (~3hrs) is an important factor during later iterations of this challenge since the gap between early gods is much smaller than the gap between PB’s.

If the PBCs are pushing you to a P.Baal higher than you've killed before, be sure to watch your statistics multi on the Rebirth page. If the multi is lower than your God Multi, spend the 50 GP on a stat multi doubler. This will give you an extra boost in Rebirth multis, helping you reach the higher P.Baals faster.