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Under normal conditions, the speed with which you can create Creations is limited by the game's tick speed (30 milliseconds). With a Creation Count of 10, for example, you can create a maximum of 10 items per tick, or about 330 per second. This is known as black barring.

However, in certain challenges (ones where Creations can't be purchased with divinity), the Creating mechanic changes to allow a potentially unlimited number of items per tick to be created. This is known as "overcapping".

There are currently three challenges which use the overcap mechanic: Day No Divinity Challenge (DNDC), No Div Monument Challenge (NDMC) and Greedy God Challenge (GGC). In DNDC, the mechanic is restricted to Creations up to and including Plant. In the other two challenges, overcapping is allowed on all Creations.

Overcapping works like this: sufficient creating speed will increase the number of Creations you can make in 1 tick. If you have double the creating speed needed to blackbar a Creation, you will make twice as many per tick; triple the creating speed will cause you to make three times as many per tick. This bonus rounds down, meaning that 1.98x the required speed will have no effect.

The bonus production from overcap acts as a direct multiplier to your output, without increasing the number of Creations used as input.

Take Suns as an example. Creating a single Sun (with no DNDC reward) requires 1e+13 Light. With 13k CC and an unspecified DNDC reward, creating a single batch of 13k Suns may require about 5.6e+16 Light. With 3x overcapping, creating a single batch of 39k Suns would require the same 5.6e+16 Light.