From Idling To Rule The Gods

Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
8331 2777 2777 2777
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
Octopus has 100% greater chance to find foods in food campaigns. Octopus has an 80% worse chance to find god power in god power campaigns. Increases the speed and quality of creating equip by an extra 0.65% * class level if your class is a blacksmith.
Unlock Criteria Evolution Requirements
Defeat P.Baal v40 Total Growth 15000
Material 750 Nevermelting Ice
Other S-grade Tsunami Spear (item is lost upon evolving)
Just like the shark its home is in the oceans. It looks weaker than a shark, but that is just to fool their predatory into preying on them. P. Baal v40 liked to watch it and took it away.