No Training Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


Beat P.Baal V20 (Mew) with training and skills disabled (this also disables might).

The HP Regen from the Battle stat from MQC, which normally doesn't activate until after 15 minutes into a rebirth, will begin at the start of each rebirth while in this challenge.

Without Physical/Mystic being available, your stats will only come from Battle and Creating.

Unlock Condition

Completed all MQC.


Challenge Points: 20
Statistics Multi: 1,500,000

Increases the mystic and physical stats you get from Skills and Physical trainings by 5% per challenge finished. Finishing all 20 will also include the regen from battle to the boost from the Mystic Regen + might.

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

CC around 200-ish and CS at 30k% at minimum. If you do not have the ability to beat P.Baal v20 easily under normal circumstances, this will be much harder. Having a few UBC done and a few thousand RTI perm levels in Battle/Creating both help quite a bit.


Because you are restricted from increasing Physical and Mystic, Battle and Creating will be your only source of stats. Battle will increase your HP regen and attack power, while Creating will increase your Max HP and attack power. Another result of not having Phys/Myst is the lack of pet training. Your pets will defeat clones very quickly and will take an extended amount of time to level them up. Thankfully, PLC still works in this challenge.

Your clones do not have a regen stat, and the lack of Mystic makes them die easily to Monsters. Be sure to adjust the "Save Clones for Fight" option under Settings - Gameplay Settings to allow your Monster fighting clones to replenish if they are killed.

This challenge can essentially be broken down into a series of very short rebirths if you wish. Depending on your stats, you can do these in rebirths as short as 2-3 minutes, or 5-10 minutes if a bit earlier in the game. Fight as many UBv2 as you can. Otherwise put your clones on Monster fighting, Powersurge, and eventually DivGen/Monuments once those are unlocked.