No Rebirth Dungeon Challenge

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You're going to head into what seems to be a simple DRC. However, you can't fight the gods yourself; only your pets can. This challenge is very similar to the UPC.

Unlock Condition

Top 18 Pet Dungeon Levels are above 450.

Complete 1 NRC.


Only your pets can fight gods until you (or they) defeat Baal.

Rebirthing will cancel the challenge.

Only your pets can attack gods, but the gods (up through Baal) will attack both your pets and you. Pet strength in god fights is determined by pet stats, a multiplier for gods defeated, a multiplier for beating dungeon bosses, and a multiplier for monuments.

Pet campaigns work normally; unlike UPC, item camps do not boost your pet strength against gods.

Note that despite the game saying otherwise, Rebirth Bacon does in fact work when entering an NRDC. You can prep dungeon runs to make the NRDC quicker to complete by having dungeons already going, with bacon equipped, when you start the challenge.


Challenge Points: 40
Statistics Multi: 7.5 million

Decrease time needed to clear one room in dungeons by 1%. With all 20 complete a single room will take only 12 minutes from 15 minutes.

Completing all 20 challenges will also increase the max number of rooms from 48 to 60.

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

Pets with the ability to kill the boss on depth 2 at the minimum. More dungeon slots and better equipment will make it easier. If you are unable to kill D2 bosses, then you are better off spending your time on something else.


The basic mechanics are identical to UPC, except that the pet bonus from item campaigns is replaced by a bonus from dungeon bosses. Also, since this is a double-rebirth challenge (unlike UPC), your own stat multiplier will be lost; therefore, you need to boost both your pet stats and your own stats.

At difficulty 0, defeating the boss of Depth 1 will multiply pet stats by 2. Defeating the boss of Depth 2 will multiply pet stats by 12. Defeating the boss of Depth 3 will multiply pet stats by 70. Higher difficulty will increase the multiplier.

Each level of difficulty adds a 10% additive bonus to that multiplier. I.e. if you send everything into a difficulty 2 D2 dungeon with the D1 at difficulty 5, then you will get x3 (2 * (1 + (5 x 10%))) from the D1 boss and x14.4 (12 * (1 + (2 x 10%))) from the D2 boss. The rounding can be a bit funny as the dungeon rewards will only show whole numbers but the actual calculations on the Fight Gods page do include the decimals.

With three teams doing D2's you will normally finish the NRC and pet multi portions in roughly the same time depending on your pets, gear, and overall stats. If your stats lag behind, simply use the same strategy as a NRC. You only ever need to have enough stats to kill the initial version of Baal, while your pets need the stats to kill the higher level PB's. With each completion your pets will need to kill a stronger Baal to finish.

Your pets do not need to survive the dungeon run for the multiplier to count. For example, if you send your team on a 12 hour run and they die to the D2 boss every time, you will still get the multiplier for all the D1 bosses you defeated. This is not particularly recommended, but if you aren't going to check in for a while, you can send them on a long run and get multiple boss kills at the cost of losing your loot.