No Rebirth Challenge

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You must defeat Baal all while being unable to rebirth. There are no other restrictions beyond your multipliers being reset.

An additional 5 NRCs are unlocked after completing UCC 20, and these require you to reach P.Baal v1, with one more for each challenge.

Unlock Condition

Complete one 1KC.


Like a DRC, but you can't rebirth.


Challenge Points: 40
God Power Reward: 250
Statistics Multi: 5.0 million

Ultimate Beings will respawn 1% faster per NRC completed, to a max of 20% (25% after UCC). To compare to the base spawn rate for each UB:

Ultimate Being 0 NRC Spawn Time 20 NRC Spawn Time 25 NRC Spawn Time
Planet Eater 1:00:00 48:00 45:00
Godly Tribunal 2:00:00 1:36:00 1:30:00
Living Sun 3:00:00 2:24:00 2:15:00
God Above All 4:00:00 3:12:00 3:00:00
ITRTG 5:00:00 4:00:00 3:45:00

In the end, this means you will gain 25% more crystal energy and divinity from UBs overall.

Completions to Max

20 (25 after UCC #20)

Recommended Stats

This is one of the most demanding challenges, stat-wise. 50k+% building speed, 15m+ clones, 10k+% cs, 100k% Might bonus, able to train up to million+% pet bonus, level 50+ planet and 20k+% unspent GP bonus. Doing an RTI before this with some decent perm levels can give you a nice boost to Phys/Creat and Mystic. It is recommended to wait until these can be done around 24 hours before chaining them. Doing 1 as a trial-run can be a good idea to see where you may need to improve before chaining them.

Helpful challenges: V2C for more UBv2 multi, 1kC for Powersurge+ might training, GSC for Crystal Power, CPC and PMC for more Crystals, and any other challenge that boosts your immediate power.

For the additional 5 after UCC, having UBC completed (or mostly done), along with a GP bank of 5k+. These additional ones require you to no-rebirth to P.Baals 1 through 5 respectively, so the UBC completions can make that task easier. Having Early Spacedim unlocked via ChP helps to boost build speed, crystal power, and pet multiplier.


Similar to a DRC or PBC, you want to maximize pet%, planet% and focus as much as possible on Mighty Statue and Mystic Garden and its upgrades. If you've done an RTI, building Everlasting Lighthouse is better than Mighty Statue since Creation will give more attack power and HP than Physical. Next, ensure that you have sufficient levels in Powersurge+ to blackbar (BB) Powersurge itself (with a level 70+ planet, ~1600 levels will suffice to BB with ~10m clones). Focus your crystals on Physical (Creation instead if decent RTI), Mystic, and Ultimate.

Note that if you have access to ad points, investing in increased Mystic and Physical (Creation if decent RTI) can dramatically cut the time required to complete the challenge. Having the ITRTG book pet is also recommended.