No Divinity Challenge

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Before this challenge begins, you perform a Double Rebirth resetting your multiplier. You must defeat Baal while not being able to buy creations with divinity.

Unlock Condition

Have a creation count of at least 50.


You can't buy anything with divinity.


Challenge Points: 20
Statistics Multi: 1.5 million

Each NDC completed adds to your base divinity generator stats as though you defeated 2 more gods, and the auto-buy cost of creations is decreased by 0.6%. Reward capped at 25. Completing all 25 of them will also increase the stones your workers can carry in Divinity Generator by 50%.

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

A high base might% (30-50k%), a decent-sized planet, and some beefy pets will trivialize these. Otherwise, a high CC and 3.4-10k CS so that you can build some monuments and their upgrades.


Might-runs with a high base might, and strong pets will reduce the reliance on monuments, but if you are struggling with those areas: have as much Creation Count as possible. 50+ is enough, while 100+ makes them almost as quick as DRCs. don’t worry about unlocking the DIV gen since it is useless anyways.

Once monument upgrades are available, focus on Mighty Statues and Mystic Gardens, since it's practical to manually create 20 mountains and forests in the time it takes to unlock Might each rebirth.

Overview of essential factors / To Do list:

Logs From Players

~3h 24min NDC

335 CC or so, only creating 3 Million Clones for the 8 Minute runs and 5.5 Million Clones for the 30min runs, which are mostly left on Powersurge
8min run to Pontus
8min run to Izanagi (first 2 Monuments)
8min run to Artemis (bank on Creating not Phys!, all Monuments down to ToG build once)
first 30min run to Laima or Poseidon (40/2 MS, 20/2MG, 15/2 Tombs) <- same for all further RBs
second 30min run to Nyx or Zeus
third 30min run to Odin
one Might run to finish (same Monuments as in the 30min runs, as I couldn't get close enough to kill him premight anyway, and after might unlock he was trivial)
If you don't have quite enough CC, going lower on MS then I did, will save you quite a bit of time and shouldn't really matter for power

~1h 21min NDC(Mightless)

1250 CC, Starting each rb by making 4 mil clones, one goes to pets, around 100k to building, rest for the Powersurge. Creating next-ats are configured to provide for all monuments and upgrades needed starting from rb. 3, use compiled spreadsheet to calculate them, for me it takes ~7min to make all that. Banked GP split evenly between physical and mystic for the first 15min of all rebirths, then physical and battle("then" means you change, fight gods, rb)[all MQC and NTC must be done beforehand for this to work]. As it may be obvious, this was done in UCC, good multiplier per hour.

5min run to Diana(pets and powersurge only)
5min run to Nephthys (Build 12 MS and 2 MG, beside that pets and powersurge only)
5min run to Eros (Build one of every monument, beside that pets and powersurge only)
First 15min run to Laima (40/2 MS, 20/2MG, 15/2 Tombs) First create as many clones for powersurge as you can, leave just enough time to make all creations before 15min - it will build almost instantly. <- same for all further rebirths.
Second 15min run to Nyx.
Third 15min run to Amaterasu.
Fourth 15min run to Chronos - throw some clones to pets and powersurge, and start making creations for monuments right away. (if you could barely beat Chronos before 15 min, just rebirth - you won't be able to get to Baal without much more time, for me this one was 9 min.)
Final rebirth - throw some clones to pets and powersurge, and start making creations for monuments right away - you might beat Baal without 15min mark(have enough hp to survive one hit, change bank from mystic to battle and one-shot him). For me it was little over 12min.
Remember to not forget about training pets.