Mist Sphere

From Idling To Rule The Gods
Mist Sphere
Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
12210 2760 4950 4500
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
None. Increases the heal power for dungeons by an extra 0.9% * class level if your class is a supporter.
Unlock Criteria Evolution Requirements
Pet Token Total Growth 40000
Material 2000 Nevermelting Ice
Other It needs to have at least 500 water element.
This little sphere of mist seems to be following you. Your pets feel ... safe when they are near it, so you decide to keep it around for now. It seems happy around water.

Special Ability

If evolved to a supporter, Mist Sphere does not have the Attack-based portion of the typical heal. It still has the percent-based heal, and also creates a shield on the pet it heals. The shield adds temporary HP to the pet it targets, at a rate of (40% + 0.25% per CL) of the attack based heal. This will also target 2 other random pets, but the amount of shield added is cut in half for the other 2. A shield can't be higher than 50% of the max hp of a pet.

If used in the same team as Gnome, Mist Sphere's ability will override Gnome's party-wide shield for the pet Mist Sphere target.

Because the shield can also be applied to a pet with max hp, it will never attack normally.

The shield also protects against venom damage, like what is seen in the Lernean Hydra Gram fight or in Depth 4 Water Temple.