From Idling To Rule The Gods

Might is the third tab in the Training menu. It is unlocked when the final Physical and Skill trainings have been unlocked. Unlocking the final Physical and Skill trainings, hence also Might, takes a minimum time of 01:34:30, if all trainings are fully black-barred. Might offers a list of special active and passive skills you can train with your clones, as well as a permanent buff that persists through rebirths.

Total Might

Every level trained in any Might adds 1 level to your "total might", which is not reset on rebirth. Total Might gives you a 1% increase to all stats for every 4 levels of Might gained. This can be increased to 1% for every 2 levels by maxing TMC, and to 1% for every level by also maxing MAC. This bonus is only applied after the Might tab is unlocked each rebirth.

Total Might is sometimes temporarily reset in challenges, but will return to its full value after the challenge is completed.

Unleash Might

Might unlocks a set of active buffs, which can be used to temporarily increase your offense, defense, and HP regeneration. Upgrading these skills increases the duration of the buffs by 1 second per level, and after completing your first Day Might Challenge leveling these will also boost their stat increase. You can use them individually in the Might tab, but it is generally better to use the Unleash Might button on the Gods tab. This will trigger all of them simultaneously, with no time wasted.

  • Focused Breathing+: Base duration 30s. Increases HP Recover by 100%.
  • Defensive Aura+: Base duration 25s. Increases Mystic by 100%.
  • Offensive Aura+: Base duration 20s. Increases Attack by 100%.
  • Elemental Manipulation+: Base duration 15s. Increases Attack and Mystic by 100%.
  • Mystic Mode+: Base duration 10s. Increases Attack and Mystic by 150%.
  • Transformation Aura+: Base Duration 5s. Increases Attack, Mystic, and HP Recover by 200%.

The buffs all multiply with each other, resulting in a total multiplier of 30x to attack and defense, and 60x to HP regeneration.

As these buffs are quite powerful, it is beneficial for players to do a "Might Run" rebirth when trying to climb gods, where they unlock all skills and use Unleash to kill the highest god they can, and then rebirth with these higher multipliers. This takes approximately 100 minutes with Improved Next At for perfect timing.

Unleash Might with DMC

After completing a DMC, the power of unleash might increases from the base, with factors based on the DMC score and the individual levels of might in the usable skills.

With a DMC completed, each usable skill's multipliers are increased according to this formula:

New_multiplier = 1 + (base_multiplier - 1) * (1 + might_level * sqrt(DMC_score) / 50000)

In addition, the first two usable skills gain a Max HP bonus, which increases using this formula:

Max_HP_multiplier = 1 + might_level * sqrt(DMC_score) / 50000

Without a DMC completed, there are 4 usable skills with attack multipliers: Offensive Aura + (attack multiplier 2), Elemental Manipulation + (attack multiplier 2), Mystic Mode + (attack multiplier 2.5), and Transformation Aura + (attack multiplier 3). These attack multipliers can be multiplied with each other: 2 * 2 * 2.5 * 3 = 30 (3000%).

With a DMC completed, and assuming one has a DMC score of 1539, and 27 points in Mystic Mode + (which has a base multiplier of 2.5), the new attack multiplier for Mystic Mode + would be:

  • New_multiplier = 1 + (2.5-1) * (1 + 27*sqrt(1539)/50000) = 2.531776

This calculation may be repeated for each of the 4 usable skills with an attack multiplier, to generate the 4 new attack multipliers. The product of these will be reflected in the Other > Statistics > Other > Might Unleash Power value.

In order to get a large Might Unleash Power (for example, if one is trying to obtain the Holy ITRTG Book Pet), one would need thousands of levels in the usable might skills. A high DMC score reduces the number of might levels required.

Passive Might Skills

Physical HP+ : Increases the amount of HP each point of Physical gives. Base value is 10. Each level increases it by 0.10.

Physical Attack+: Increases the amount of attack each point of Physical gives. Base value is 0.25. Each level increases this value by 0.01. This skill also impacts your stats in Ultimate Beings V2, adding 1% to your effective damage per level.

Mystic Defense+: Increases the amount of defense each point of Mystic gives. The base value is 1. Each level increases it by 0.01. This skill also impacts your stats in Ultimate Beings V2, adding 1% to your damage reduction per level. This caps at 750 levels, for 75% damage reduction.

Mystic Regen+: Increases your HP regeneration by 1% per level.

Battle Might+: Each level increases the amount of attack the Battle stat gives. The base value is 1.00 and each level increases it by 0.02.

Clones on Divinity+: This increases the amount each clone can fill the divinity generator. It also reduces the number of clones needed to receive the overfill bonus on the divinity generator. Each level increases clones' effectiveness by 1%

Clones on Planet+: This increases the attack and defense of clones fighting Ultimate Beings by 1% per level. This also affects the defender clones in the Crystal tab.

Powersurge+: This will speed up filling the powersurge bar by 1% per level.

Black Hole+: Unlocks after doing at least one 1KBHC, increases the multipliers of your black holes by 0.01% * 1kBHCs finished per level.

Training Formula

The base time for 1000 Clones to train level N from the previous level is 1000 * N seconds. E.g. one million clones can train the first level in one second, and raise the level from 59 to 60 in one minute. It would take 1000 times as long to do the same training with only 1 Clone.

The formula for training time is:

Completing 1KCs reduces all Might training times, down to one third of the normal time (200% faster) with all 40 1KCs completed:

Note: Completed 1KCs is capped at 40. This can be further increased by up to 10 (50 total) from UCCs. Overflow Might Speed is unlocked after completing 40 UCC.

Time Multiplier varies per Might skill:

Skill Time Multiplier
Passive Might Skills 1
Focused Breathing + 0.5
Defensive Aura + 0.75
Offensive Aura + 1
Elemental Manipulation + 1.5
Mystic Mode + 2
Transformation Aura + 2.5

This means that e.g. Offensive Aura trains half as fast as Focused Breathing, but twice as fast as Mystic Mode.