From Idling To Rule The Gods
Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
6666 0 0 6666
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
All campaigns +25%. Increases the bonus for all campaigns by an extra 0.85% * class level if your class is an adventurer.
Unlock Criteria Evolution Requirements
Create 5e7 (50 million) stones in one rebirth. Total Growth 35000
Material 1750 Fire Stone
Other Create 1e12 (1 trillion) stones in one rebirth.
When communicating with asteroids you ran into this one. Unlike the other asteroids this one wasn't able to teleport stones to you but requested to stay with you. Now you have this one as a pet. For some reason it is always on fire so you decided to name it meteor instead.

Special Ability

Meteor's bonus to campaigns is (25 + hours in campaign ^ 0.42)%.

The table below shows how Meteor's campaign bonus grows. It takes quite a while before it starts surpassing some of the strongest Growth Campaign pets, but given enough time it can grow stronger than pets like Corona, Otter, and Ape/Shark/Stone.

Meteor Camp Bonus Hours in Camps
28.80 24 1 Day
33.60 168 1 Week
40.85 720 1 Month
58.64 4320 6 Months
70.27 8760 1 Year
85.57 17520 2 Years
96.82 26280 3 Years
106.04 35040 4 Years
114 43800 5 Years
121.09 52560 6 Years


The easiest way to achieve the extra condition for Evolution is to do it during a DNDC or NDMC, where overcapping of creations will help shorten the time needed immensely.