Max Crystal Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


In this challenge you will need to create maxed crystals, starting with a Physical crystal and ending with a God crystal. After completing all types, the amount of crystals you need is doubled until it is maxed at 30. For example:

  • Completion #1 requires 1x level 30 Physical crystal
  • Completion #2 requires 1x level 30 Mystic crystal
  • Completion #10 requires 2x level 30 Creation crystals
  • Completion #17 requires 4x level 20 Ultimate crystals
  • Completion #30 requires 16x level 15 God crystals

While in this challenge there is no cap to the bonus % you get from the module level.

Unlock Condition

Crystal Factory unlocked, 50 Planet Multi Challenges completed and have bought the Crystal Improvement purchase with either money or pet stones.




Challenge Points: 30
Statistics Multi: 10,000,000

The first 20 completions give 2.5% extra crystal power per crystal after rebirthing or using crystal sacrifice and the last 10 completions give 5% more each.

Maxed at 30 completions with twice as much Crystal Power gained from crystals.

Recommended Stats

Owning all six crystal slots to benefit other crystal-related challenges such as CPC along with NRC and most or all of the ChP Crystal Upgrade Chance purchases.

The extra PMC, NRC, and CPC completions from finishing 20 UCC will greatly benefit you, especially for the challenges that require Ultimate or God crystals (since they cost significantly more energy).

As long as you have enough clones to kill all 5 UBs offline, you have enough to complete this challenge.


This challenge is easier the more crystal-related challenges you have done, such as NRC and CPC, along with the additional bonuses received from UCC. The Crystal upgrade boost from ChP is highly recommended. The table below detailing the time to completion assumes you have all of these Crystal bonuses from challenges and ChP.

Optimal Play assumes you are levelling only the required Crystal module every single time it is available to be upgraded. This is very active play.

Non-Optimal Play assumes you are frequently checking into the game and levelling only the required module, but factors in a few hours missed due to being away from the game.

Lazy Play assumes you are casually checking into the game and levelling a couple of other modules a level or two.