Monster Queen Challenge

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Defeat Monster Queen while the divinity generator is disabled. With every completion, Monster Queen will be stronger than before (base power * (1+challenges)^10).

Maxed at 20 completions.

Unlock Condition

Complete 5 DRCs.


The divinity generator is not available during this challenge.


Challenge Points: 15
Statistics Multi: 750,000

Increases the divinity gained from monsters by 10% per completion. If all 20 challenges are done, it will unlock a new monster: Demon Lord, as well as providing hp recovery to the battle stat for rebirths lasting longer than 15 minutes.

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

Can realistically be done around the same time you would do NDC since the challenges are very similar to each other, but MQC does require you to climb into the P.Baals in order to have high enough multis to kill the Monster Queen. Saving these until you have a few UBC done can help speed them up, since you can climb gods faster.


Plays out mostly like a DRC. Use frequent rebirths to drive multis up as quickly as possible.

The only significant difference is the lack of the divgen, which effectively prevents you from spamming the higher monument upgrades. You can (and should) still use GP to purchase divinity to get some/more monument upgrades, because even small numbers of them make a huge impact.

Because the reward from this challenge is not that great, it is a good idea to put these off until you can clear them in just a couple days.