From Idling To Rule The Gods
Lizard Zookeeper
Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
9115 5410 2570 1135
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
It has up to +100% in growth campaigns.

The exact bonus comes from (unlocked pets + evolved pets) ^0.5 * 10. For example, one combination to reach the 100% cap would be owning 60 pets with 40 of them evolved. Any combination equaling 100 from the pets/evos will give you the 100% cap.

After evo, the bonus for growth campaign changes into a bonus for food campaign.

Increases the bonus for all campaigns by an extra 0.9% * class level if your class is an adventurer.
Unlock Criteria Evolution Requirements
Pet Token Total Growth 40000
Material 2000 Nevermelting Ice
Other Have (unlocked pets + evolved pets) ≥ 100.
Lizard is a lonely lizard and just wants some friends. Let her hang out with her friends and she will get stronger!

Special Ability

Post Evo Lizard's camp bonus will swap from growth to food. While in a food camp Lizard will "Cook" the food she finds, feeding this to all pets within that campaign. Food found by other pets in the same campaign is not cooked. This ability will not count the same as the normal mechanic for "feedings" and will not be affected by any multiplier that affects "Feedings" or "the growth that food gives".

Lizard will give growth based on the baseline values that food has, which is only affected by PGCs. No other food multiplier will increase the amount.

All of the growth gained from this ability is split between the pets you sent to the food campaign with lizard. For example: if you reach 50 Growth/hour and send 10 pets to food camp, this would be split between all 10 and they would each receive 5 Growth/hour.

Lizard's ability takes priority over Baby Carno, meaning that Baby Carno will not take any food from Lizard's cookpot. Any food Lizard finds will be removed from the pool that Carno will eat.