Light Clone Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


Your average Light Clones gained per rebirth needs to exceed 100. This increases by 100 more LC needed per completion.

Unlock Condition

Complete all the Spacedim Challenges.




Challenge Points: 20
Statistics Multi: 1.000 million

For each challenge finished, you will receive 1% more light clones on buys.
Upon completing all 25, you will also receive 50 LC resets.

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

As you have capped SpaceDim challenges to unlock this challenge, you are capable of completing these challenges as well.


Do longer climbing rebirths and pick a reset point (resetting at 1000-1500 burns a few, but not many. Reset at 2000-2500 to avoid burning resets). For the first few, 3-hour rebirths are pretty good; then 6 becomes better. For the final few, you can climb to v100 and use Self Replicating AI to finish them off if desired. (Note: Early SpaceDim does not work for Self Replicating AI in this challenge -- killing P. Baal v100 is still required.)


If you would like a little extra help planning your LCC, check this spreadsheet out!

Credit to Torve on discord: