From Idling To Rule The Gods
Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
150000 50000 50000 50000
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
None Increases the damage taken in dungeons instead of a party member by an extra 2% * class level and increases the protect chance by 15% if your class is a defender. Will also counter attacks every time it protects another pet.
Unlock Criteria Evolution Requirements
Unlock via the 50 Million Growth Milestones Total Growth 1000000
Material 1000 Ocean Stone
Other Leviathan has 1 million Max HP.
The real, legendary, Leviathan! Not the fake one from the Water Temple. Claims to be undefeatable once it evolves.

Special Ability

Leviathan is a very powerful Defender since it also has ways of dealing large amounts of damage. It has both a 65% chance to protect a pet from incoming attacks (as opposed to the 60% chance other Defender-specialists have) and will counter attack every time it protects another pet. The counter attack damage inflicted is Leviathan's Max HP * 0.1.

Leviathan's Max HP is tripled, but all other stats are cut in half.

Leviathan has an extra 2000 Water element stat, making it very resilient to Water enemies.

Leviathan gains 6 base growth (2 per stat) per dungeon room. Yes, per dungeon room.