Hard Mode Ultimate Universe Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


Similar to a normal Ultimate Universe Challenge but the required number of universes to create is 3^n instead of 1.

Unlock Condition

Have 10k Challenge Points and turn on the Hard Mode toggle in the challenge list.


This is a normal rebirth with no restrictions.


Hard Mode Challenge Points: 1

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

The first few challenges are not much harder than a basic UUC, and the first 10 or so can be easily cleared by the time you unlock this challenge.

Because the goal to complete scales higher and higher, you will do this challenge in pieces and come back as you have more stats.


The first challenge requires you to create 3 Universes, with each subsequent challenge multiplying the number needed by 3. Because you need to create all of these Universes by hand, and cannot simply purchase them, you might find yourself limited by CC in the later challenges.

You want to focus on Divinity, so putting most of your time in Build Speed boosting areas and throwing your clones into RTI and Div Gen. A strong RTI Blacksmith, Supporter, Rogue, and Mage will increase all relevant stats.

This is a challenge you will come back to from time to time, as you have higher stats, so just do as many as you can in a time that is reasonable for you. There is no time limit on these.