Hard Mode Double Rebirth Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


Similar to a normal Double Rebirth Challenge but the target god to kill increases by 10 each time, starting with P.Baal v10.

Unlock Condition

Have 10k Challenge Points and turn on the Hard Mode toggle in the challenge list.


This behaves like doing two rebirths in a row, resetting your multipliers.


Hard Mode Challenge Points: 1

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

Since the target god increases by 10 each time, the stats needed to clear the next challenge will continue to increase. The first couple can be easily cleared after unlocking Hard Mode Challenges. Finishing your UBCs will help speed this up.


Since you are not limited to a specific number of rebirths like PBC and you do not have a time limit like RTI, you can take as long as you need to finish this challenge. The amount of time you devote to it varies based on how much you value more HMChP.

The strategy is similar to just about every other climbing challenge in the game. Spend time leveling your pets and sending them on Multiplier/Divinity camps. Level any stat-relevant SpaceDim elements (don't forget Hyperlane Engine for rebirth multis).

Ad Points and Lucky Draws can be used for stat bonuses as well, if you need an extra push to the end.