Hard Mode Challenge Points

From Idling To Rule The Gods

Hard Mode Challenge Points (HMChP) are reward from completing Hard Mode (HM) Challenges. Each HM challenge completed will reward you with 1 HMChP. There are currently only 2 challenges that have Hard Mode versions: HMDRC and HMUUC. More are to be added in the future. Each HMChP earned will permanently increase several of your main stats (listed below). These stat increases work in all challenges apart from UAC.

The following stats are increased as you earn HMChP:

  • Physical/Mystic/Battle/Creating: 0.25% per HMChP
  • HP Regen: 10% per HMChP
  • Building Speed: 0.25% per HMChP
  • Creating Speed: 0.25% per HMChP

You can see the total stat bonus on the God Power page, under HM Points