Greedy God Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


Gods will steal your creations per tick and you wont be able to buy creations in this challenge. However you will be able to overcap creations.
The goal is to defeat the target god and have 1 million of their creation.

Unlock Condition

9,000 Creation Speed from god power purchases and 125 Creation Count.


  • Unable to buy creations with Divinity.
  • All gods up to and including the target god will "steal" your creations, at a rate of thousands per tick (tens/hundreds of thousands per second). The challenge description is misleading.
  • You can Overcap creating on all creations.


Challenge Points: 20
Statistics Multi: 3,000,000

Increases your Creation Count per challenge completed by 0.5% multiplicative.
Finishing all 26 will double that for a total of 25%

Recommended Stats

This is a challenge you will tackle in chunks. When you first unlock, you will be able to do the first few. #1 - #13 are relatively easy, before you face a big jump in difficult with #14 (Oceans).


Depending on your creating speed and count, the first few/several instances of GGC will be trivially easy, and then the next few will require some effort, and then the remainder will be difficult (maybe even impossible?). In particular, the 14th GGC (where you must create Oceans) is a huge jump in difficulty from the previous instances.

Clone count only helps indirectly (boosting RTI Creating Speed, SpaceDim speed for Quantum Genesis and Matter Compiler). Build speed doesn't matter, since the DivGen is pointless. Godly liquid (+v2) can help.

Once you stop automatically winning just by starting a normal rebirth, try clicking Create for your target creation, with NA Off, and with Create Clones if not max Off. That may work a couple times.

Once that no longer works, take turns clicking Create for all of the creations needed as prereqs for your target creation, until you have stockpiles of billions of each. Then try your target creation. If that still doesn't work, build your clones, and use them to boost RTI Creating Speed and Space Dim, and give RTI some time to build up its base multiplier. Use a godly liquid if you haven't already.

For the truly difficult ones, drink godly liquid(s), allow your clones to build, put defenders on your crystal factory, and then assign the remaining clones to RTI (Creating Speed and Space Dim). If the run goes over an hour, you can build crystals (Creation, Ultimate) to help. Since you can't buy creations with divinity, you'll have to stockpile Light, Air and Water for the crystal factory to use.

While that's going on, start creating the prereqs for your target creation. You'll have to guess/estimate/calculate your expected creation count at the end of the run, and use that number along with the tooltip batch numbers to know how many prereq creations to make. For example, with Oceans, and with a CC of 10000, the Ocean tooltip will tell you that creating 10000 Oceans needs about 4.5 billion Fish. Therefore, a million Oceans will would need about 450 billion Fish.

However, because of the way overcapping works, you get more creations for less resources. For example, 200 million creation should give me around 40x for sky based on the Creations page giving a 5 million base for sky. This then divides the number needed by 40.

One efficient method is to decide on a number of ticks to build the million in and calculate what to set the creation count to based on your current creation speed.

  • Save your game to reload in case you miss a resource and lose all your hard work getting the resources needed.
  • Find your current Creating Speed (CS) from the god power page.
  • Find the Min CS% to always BB (third column) on the creations page for the current level.
  • Find the current creations lost per tick from the greedy god challenge description.
  • Choose a reasonable number of ticks to create one million plus items. You can estimate this with:

Failed to parse (syntax error): {\displaystyle \text{ticks} = \lceil \frac{\text{Estimate of Total Needed} \times \text{Min CS% to always BB}}{\text{CS} \times \text{Max CC}}\rceil}

  • Calculate the total you need which is:

  • Calculate the Creation Count (CC) needed:

Failed to parse (syntax error): {\displaystyle \text{CC} = \frac{\text{Total Needed} \times \text{Min CS% to always BB}}{\text{ticks} \times \text{CS}}}

  • If the CC is greater than your max CC you can either wait for more CC and CS, or increase the number of ticks to try above.
  • On the in game Create page set the Next At value to the CC needed to see the cost per tick in the tool-tip.
  • For each resource the total cost for that item is:

  • You will usually need to cover the cost of the previous items as well (e.g. moons when building planets). In many cases you will only need a single tick to build enough of them because the number you get is greatly increased by over capping as well.