From Idling To Rule The Gods


The first time you defeat each god, you will be rewarded with 1 God Power. You will receive 1 GP every time you defeat the gods from Izanagi onward, regardless of whether it's the first time.

Each god through Tyrant Overlord Baal unlocks a new creation. Defeating certain gods also unlocks additional features. Diana unlocks Monuments, Nephthys unlocks the ability to buy creations with divinity, Cybele unlocks the Divinity Generator, and Freya unlocks Monument Upgrades.

After Tyrant Overlord Baal is defeated, you will face P.Baals. Beating a P.Baal will reward 1 GP and an amount of Baal Power (BP) based on the number of P.Baal - P.Baal V1 gives 1 BP, P.Baal V2 gives 2 BP, P.Baal V3 gives 3 BP, and so on.

Normally, the highest P.Baal you can reach is v147, and doing so earns a Suwesh was here sign for your avatar. More info on this can be found at Easter Eggs. The max P.Baal can be increased past v147 by the RTI challenge, to 10 + RTI score.

The strength of P.Baals can be affected by the completion of certain Challenges. Normally, each P.Baal is 100 times stronger than the one before, but this multiplier is reduced by 1 for each UBC and by 2 for each UAC completed, down to a minimum of 50x. Starting at P.Baal v151, the effect from UBC/UAC no longer works and each P.Baal is 100x stronger than the previous.

Some gods also grant access to a Pet when defeated for the first time. To get the pet you must go to the Pet tab and claim it. If you don't claim an available pet before rebirthing, you will lose your chance until you meet the requirements again.

Most benefits from defeating gods are reset upon Rebirth (except for GP, claimed pets, pet stones purchased with BP, and changes to the base stats of the Divinity Generator).

List of Gods

Important unlocks are in bold. Because P.Baal powerlevels can be reduced by UBC and UAC, their stats vary. The following table is their base power without any reduction. If you want to check their exact powerlevel, use this spreadsheet. Make a copy to utilize the "custom reduction" column: P.Baal Powerlevels

Note: Some gods after Tyrant Overlord Baal have unique names. These names were selected by Patreons who had supported at the highest tier. They are technically still P.Baals and their number can be seen next to the name. Example: Nonomo (1) is P.Baal V1.
# God Powerlevel HP Attack Defense Critical God Multi Unlocks
1 Hyperion 1.5469E+7 5.0000E+7 5.0000E+6 3.1250E+6 1/28 1 Light + Mouse
2 Itztli 2.3333E+8 7.5000E+8 7.5000E+7 4.6875E+7 1/27 2 stone
3 Gaia 4.6947E+9 1.5000E+10 1.5000E+9 9.3750E+8 1/26 4 Soil
4 Shu 1.1025E+11 3.5000E+11 3.5000E+10 2.1875E+10 1/25 8 Air
5 Suijin 2.0617E+12 6.5000E+12 6.5000E+11 4.0625E+11 1/24 16 Water + Frog
6 Gefion 3.1957E+13 1.0000E+14 1.0000E+13 6.2500E+12 1/23 32 Plant
7 Hathor 1.6108E+15 5.0000E+15 5.0000E+14 3.1250E+14 1/22 64 Tree
8 Pontus 3.2500E+16 1.0000E+17 1.0000E+16 6.2500E+15 1/21 128 Fish
9 Diana 3.2813E+18 1.0000E+19 1.0000E+18 6.2500E+17 1/20 256 Animal + Monuments + Bee
10 Izanagi 3.3158E+20 1.0000E+21 1.0000E+20 6.2500E+19 1/19 512 Human
11 Nephthys 3.3542E+22 1.0000E+23 1.0000E+22 6.2500E+21 1/18 1024 River + Buying Creations
12 Cybele 3.3971E+24 1.0000E+25 1.0000E+24 6.2500E+23 1/17 2048 Mountain + Div Gen
13 Artemis 3.4453E+26 1.0000E+27 1.0000E+26 6.2500E+25 1/16 4096 Forest
14 Eros 3.5000E+28 1.0000E+29 1.0000E+28 6.2500E+27 1/15 8192 Village + Cupid Pet
15 Freya 3.5625E+30 1.0000E+31 1.0000E+30 6.2500E+29 1/14 16384 Town + Monument Upgrades
16 Poseidon 3.6346E+32 1.0000E+33 1.0000E+32 6.2500E+31 1/13 32768 Ocean
17 Laima 3.7188E+34 1.0000E+35 1.0000E+34 6.2500E+33 1/12 65536 Nation
18 Athena 3.8182E+36 1.0000E+37 1.0000E+36 6.2500E+35 1/11 1.3107E+5 Continent
19 Susano O 3.9375E+38 1.0000E+39 1.0000E+38 6.2500E+37 1/10 2.6214E+5 Weather
20 Zeus 4.0833E+40 1.0000E+41 1.0000E+40 6.2500E+39 1/9 5.2429E+5 Sky + Egg
21 Nyx 4.2656E+42 1.0000E+43 1.0000E+42 6.2500E+41 1/8 1.0486E+6 Night
22 Luna 4.5000E+44 1.0000E+45 1.0000E+44 6.2500E+43 1/7 2.0972E+6 Moon
23 Jupiter 4.8125E+46 1.0000E+47 1.0000E+46 6.2500E+45 1/6 4.1943E+6 Planet
24 Odin 5.2500E+48 1.0000E+49 1.0000E+48 6.2500E+47 1/5 8.3886E+6 Earthlike Planet + Armadillo
25 Amaterasu 5.9063E+50 1.0000E+51 1.0000E+50 6.2500E+49 1/4 1.6777E+7 Sun
26 Coatlicue 7.0000E+52 1.0000E+53 1.0000E+52 6.2500E+51 1/3 3.3554E+7 Solar System
27 Chronos 9.1875E+54 1.0000E+55 1.0000E+54 6.2500E+53 1/2 6.7109E+7 Galaxy
28 Tyrant Overlord Baal 7.8750E+57 5.0000E+57 5.0000E+56 3.1250E+56 1/1 1.3422E+8 Universe + Squirrel
29 Nonomo (P.Baal V1) 1.0625E+60 1.0000E+60 1.0000E+59 6.2500E+58 1 2.6844E+8
30 True Chicken God (P.Baal V2) 1.0625E+62 1.0000E+62 1.0000E+61 6.2500E+60 1 5.3687E+8
31 Turkey for Xmas (P.Baal V3) 1.0625E+64 1.0000E+64 1.0000E+63 6.2500E+62 1 1.0737E+9
32 Dymski (P.Baal V4) 1.0625E+66 1.0000E+66 1.0000E+65 6.2500E+64 1 2.1475E+9
33 Feythe? (P.Baal V5) 1.0625E+68 1.0000E+68 1.0000E+67 6.2500E+66 1 4.2950E+9 Rabbit
34 Rykker Bow (P.Baal V6) 1.0625E+70 1.0000E+70 1.0000E+69 6.2500E+68 1 8.5899E+9
35 Unknown (P.Baal V7) 1.0625E+72 1.0000E+72 1.0000E+71 6.2500E+70 1 1.7180E+10
38 P.Baal V10 1.0625E+78 1.0000E+78 1.0000E+77 6.2500E+76 1 1.3744E+11 Cat
43 P.Baal V15 1.0625E+88 1.0000E+88 1.0000E+87 6.2500E+86 1 4.3980E+12 Dog
48 P.Baal V20 1.0625E+98 1.0000E+98 1.0000E+97 6.2500E+96 1 1.4074E+14 Fairy
53 P.Baal V25 1.0625E+108 1.0000E+108 1.0000E+107 6.2500E+106 1 4.5036E+15 Dragon
58 P.Baal V30 1.0625E+118 1.0000E+118 1.0000E+117 6.2500E+116 1 1.4412E+17 Snake
63 P.Baal V35 1.0625E+128 1.0000E+128 1.0000E+127 6.2500E+126 1 4.6117E+18 Shark
68 P.Baal V40 1.0625E+138 1.0000E+138 1.0000E+137 6.2500E+136 1 1.4757E+20 Octopus
73 P.Baal V45 1.0625E+148 1.0000E+148 1.0000E+147 6.2500E+146 1 4.7224E+21 Valkyrie
78 P.Baal V50 1.0625E+158 1.0000E+158 1.0000E+157 6.2500E+156 1 1.5112E+23 Slime
83 P.Baal V55 1.0625E+168 1.0000E+168 1.0000E+167 6.2500E+166 1 4.8357E+24 Whale
88 P.Baal V60 1.0625E+178 1.0000E+178 1.0000E+177 6.2500E+176 1 1.5474E+26 Hydra
94 P.Baal V66 1.0625E+190 1.0000E+190 1.0000E+189 6.2500E+188 1 9.9035E+27 Pandora's Box
105 P.Baal V77 1.0625E+212 1.0000E+212 1.0000E+211 6.2500E+210 1 2.0282E+31 Lucky Coin
116 P.Baal V88 1.0625E+234 1.0000E+234 1.0000E+233 6.2500E+232 1 4.1538E+34 Balrog
128 P.Baal V100 1.0625E+258 1.0000E+258 1.0000E+257 6.2500E+256 1 1.7014E+38 Gray