God Skip Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


Like a DRC, but one god is missing and so is everything unlocked by defeating that god. First missing god is Chronos, second is Coatlicue, third is Amaterasu, and so on.

Unlock Condition

Complete 1 DRC.


None for the first few runs. Gets much harder as earlier gods are skipped.

  • Freya - No Monument Upgrades
  • Cybele and Izanagi onward - No Divinity Generator
  • Nephthys - No divinity, just like an NDC
  • Diana - No Monuments
  • Hyperion - No Rebirth (Do NOT do this extra GSC until much later in the game)


Challenge Points: 8
Statistics Multi: 750,000

Your Crystal Power's benefits are increased by 2%, up to 50% after 25 Challenges completed. The 26th doubles that bonus to 100%.

Completions to Max


Recommended Stats

Until Freya this challenge is barely harder than a DRC. Beyond Freya, having a high base might (30-50k%) will make most of these relatively trivial by just doing might runs. Pets and your Planet will also help so having a level 50+ planet as well as some pets over 5k growth will also help a lot. Since most of the restriction hinder monuments, build speed is not as important.


  • Until Freya is not much harder than a DRC, so it is recommended to do at least that much.
  • Freya: Have a ratio of 4:3:3 between Temple of God, Pyramids of Power, and Godly Statue. This corresponds to a ratio of 22:7:2 in the number of clones.
  • From this point on you will be relying heavily on might runs so it is recommended that you have at least 30-50k% might and have completed DRC’s.
  • Cybele: Locks div gen. Fight stronger monsters than you normally would. Save one-time sources of divinity (pet campaigns, UBs, GP buys) until Might unlocks, then push as far down the monster list as possible before popping them to maximize your divinity income. After passing Freya focus on Mystic Gardens and Tombs of the Gods due to the relatively low divinity costs of their upgrades.
  • Nephthys: Can't buy for creations Like with NDCs, once monument upgrades are unlocked focus on Mighty Statues and Mystic Gardens and try to create 20 mountains and forests manually.
  • Diana: Locks the monuments. It'll be slow, but if you can finish this one you can finish all GSCs, since Itztli is more or less the same. Don't forget that in the last couple of rebirths you can make enough divinity to create a few crystals.
  • Other early gods: many of these block Mystic Gardens but allow Mighty Statues. This means your stats will be enormously skewed in favor of offense, so wherever possible (unspent GP, crystals) focus on Mystic. The gods get to swing before you, so no matter how high your attack is you need to be able to take one hit to beat them.
  • Hyperion: The fun truly starts. This challenge is not required to max GSC and does not give you the normal GSC reward. It will give you a boost to Wolf and should not be done until at least after NRC. You cannot rebirth, and you cannot build monuments. This challenge is a long NRC to Baal. Because of this, your power will mostly be coming from Powersurge, Pet multi, and RTI. Make sure you have at least done all NRC and have enough clones to blackbar Powersurge shortly after Might unlock. This challenge will usually take a couple days to finish.


The following table summarizes the effects of each missing god. It has been taken from the Japanese Wiki

Summary of effects of God Skip Challenge
Challenge Number Skipped God Remarks Monument Upgrades? Div Gen?
1~8 Chronos~Zeus Largely no effect. Your Rebirth Multipliers will be slightly decreased by the end of each challenge.
9-10 Susano O~Athena Because you can make Godly Statue upgrades, it is still easy to increase Rebirth Multipliers.
11 Laima In addition to the above, Godly Statue upgrades are also locked. It is harder to increase your Physical stat.
12 Poseidon Easier than 11 because you can make Godly Statue upgrades.
13 Freya Monument upgrades are locked. The first big challenge. ×
14 Eros Even though you cannot make Villages, mostly no effect.
15 Artemis Because you cannot make Forests, Mystic-related upgrades are impossible. Your HP will restore extremely slowly.
16 Cybele From this challenge on, you cannot make use of the Divinity Generator. Physical-related upgrades are impossible. You will need 20 Septendecillion (2E+55) HP to survive an attack from Baal. ×
17 Nephthys You can technically make the Divinity Generator, but because you cannot spend Divinity there is no point. If you manually make the creations, you can make Mighty Statue and Mystic Garden upgrades. ×
18 Izanagi Easier than 17 because you can spend Divinity. ×
19 Diana The monument tab itself is locked. × ×
20 Pontus Largely the same as 18. ×
21 Hathor You cannot make Forests, so you cannot make Mystic Garden upgrades. ×
22~25 Gefion~Gaia You cannot make Plants, so you cannot make Mystic Gardens. You should assume that your HP bar will be nearly empty from the middle of these challenges on. Suijin and Shu also lock the making of crystals, while Gefion and Gaia allow crystals to be made. ×
26 Itztli Very similar to 19. The monument tab is locked, so you cannot build anything. × ×
27+ Hyperion You cannot rebirth. Because you can build almost no monuments, longer than a No Rebirth Challenge. Completing 27 will increase Wolf's Item Campaign bonus by 10%. There is no reward for completing this challenge more than 27 times. ×
You can make use of this as usual.
Some restrictions.
Restrictions will increase difficulty.
× You cannot make use of this, or there is no point in doing so.