From Idling To Rule The Gods

Here is the glossary of most commonly used in game's chat abbreviations with their respective meaning.


  • 1CCC — One Clone Count Challenge (vernacular for OCCC).
  • 1KC — 1,000 Clone Challenge.
  • 1KBHC - 1000 Clone Black Hole Challenge
  • AAC — All Achievement Challenge.
  • BHC - Black Hole Challenge.
  • CBC — Clone Buildup Challenge
  • CPC — Crystal Power Challenge.
  • DBC — Daily Baal Challenge.
  • DMC — Daily Might Challenge
  • DNDC — Daily No Divinity Challenge.
  • DPC — Daily Pet Challenge.
  • DRC — Double Rebirth Challenge.
  • DUC — Daily Universe Challenge.
  • GPC — God Power Challenge.
  • GSC — God Skip Challenge.
  • MQC - Monster Queen Challenge.
  • MMC — Monument Multi Challenge.
  • NDC — No Divinity Challenge.
  • NRC — No Rebirth Challenge.
  • OCCC — One Clone Count Challenge.
  • OC — Overflow Challenge.
  • PGC — Patreon God Challenge.
  • PMC — Planet Multi Challenge.
  • RTI — Road to Infinity Challenge.
  • SDC - SpaceDim Challenge.
  • TMC - Total Might Challenge.
  • UBV2C - Ultimate Beings Version 2 Challenge.
  • UBV4C - Ultimate Beings Version 4 Challenge.
  • UAC — Ultimate Arty Challenge.
  • UBC — Ultimate Baal Challenge.
  • UGC — Ultimate God Challenge.
  • UPC — Ultimate Pet Challenge.
  • USC - Ultimate Stats Challenge.
  • UUC — Ultimate Universe Challenge.


  • BaalLast God on the list. Unlocks much of the game's "real" content.


  • MS — Mighty Statue.
  • MG — Mystic Garden.
  • Tomb — Tomb of Gods.
  • EL — Everlasting Lighthouse.
  • GS — Godly Statues.
  • PoP — Pyramids of Power.
  • ToG — Temple of Gods.
  • BH - Black Hole.

Premium Shop/Items

  • INAfC — Improved Next At for Challenges - a premium purchasable Improved Next At that works in UBC and UAC.

God Power Purchasable

  • CS — Creation Speed. Refers to the GP shop purchase(s) that increase your avatar's current creation speed (CCS)
  • BS — Build Speed.
  • CC — Creation Count. Refers to the GP shop purchase (50 GP) that allows you to create more than 1 of the same creation, each bar fill. You can still only fill 1 bar per tic, and can still only create 1 type of creation per bar fill. Each extra creation made per bar fill will give a 5% bonus to the creating stat awarded for that creation. Each extra creation made will require 5% less materials, stacking, until 11 creations (1 creation = 100% cost, 2 creations = 100 + 95% cost, 3 creations = 100% + 95% + 90% cost. At 11 creations, the added discount caps at 50%, and each creation beyond will add 50% cost to the total)
  • Clones — Shadow Clone Count. Refers to the max number of clones you can have.
  • INA — Improved Next At.

Ultimate Beings

  • PE — Planet Eater.
  • LS — Living Sun.
  • GT — Godly Tribunal.
  • GAA — God Above All.
  • ITRTG — Refers to this game or the UB unlocked at Planet Level 5.


  • AdP — Under the Kong purchase menu, you can watch ads to gain Ad points. These points can be redeemed for a variety of small perks
  • PA+ — Physical Attack +. Refers to the Might training. Useful, outside of stats, for UBv2 fights.
  • BB — Black Bar (or Blue Bar. Or even Red Bar. Don't get too technical on this one). The point where 1 thing is made, leveled, or defeated per tick. Called such because it presents in a black progress bar (or blue, or red. don't nitpick it). It is the optimum in game progress, as only one bar can ever be filled per tick. (1 tick = 30ms, 33.333 ticks per second) This can affect some God Power purchases.
  • Bank — Unused GP, that has been dispersed to increase stats.
  • BP — Baal Power. Kill P.Baals to earn. Can be used to increase TBS scores, power up clones in UB fights, and buy Pet Food.
  • CS — Current Creation Speed. Refers to the Creation Speed value shown in the God Power page.
  • CoD+ — Clones on Divinity +. Refers to the Might training.
  • CoP+ — Clones on Planet +. Refers to the Might training.
  • LD — Lucky Draws. Used to randomly obtain one of a large variety of things
  • HGE — Highest God Ever, also known as HGD (Highest God Defeated). Refers to the highest p.baal you've defeated.
  • MD+ — Defense + (MD+). Mystic Defense +. Refers to the Might training. Useful, outside of stats, for UBv2 fights.
  • CP — Crystal Power. Rebirthing with crystals equipped gives you 1 CP (for the four basic types) per grade of the crystal. (Ultimate giving 2 CP and God giving 3 per grade instead) 1 CP gives 0.5% to BS and CS, and multiplies the power of unspent GP by 0.1%
  • GC - Growth Chamber, it is what you call the group of pets that you dedicate to the Growth Campaign. This is used for reaching growth evo requirements and the general strengthening of your Pets.
  • GP — God Power. Given the context, this can also refer to the pet God Power (Pet).
  • P.Baal (v?) or PB - Prinny Baal (version #). After defeating Baal, a new god will appear on the Fight / God screen.
  • PS+ — Powersurge +. Refers to the Might training.
  • UB (s) — Ultimate Being. Get a level 1 or better planet to fight UB's for stat gain and Div.
  • UBv2 (s) — Ultimate Being version 2. Do a UBC to unlock UBv2's.
  • RB — Rebirth. Resets multiplies and other stats not kept upon rebirthing.
  • Suwesh — Climbing P.Baal's via Ultimate Being fighting and Power Surge.