Ghost Defender

From Idling To Rule The Gods

This minigame was designed for the Halloween Event but you will be able to continue playing it by using the code "Halloween" in the input code section of the settings tab.

This game feels like a crossover between Godly Shoot and Tower Defense games. In this mini-game, you will be in control of your Witch and actively fighting against enemies trying to get past her!

Game Over

If they are successful in getting past your Witch to the left side of the screen or your Witch's HP hits 0, its game over!


However there is a way to survive a little easier using upgrades which will help you keep up with the enemies growing power and hp! As you progress through the waves and defeat enemies you will gain points which can be spent on 3 different upgrades to strengthen your Witch.

  • Health: Increasing this will give your Witch more HP to survive a few extra hits!
  • Shooting Power: Increasing this will make your Witch's attacks stronger!
  • Shooting Interval: Increasing this will make your Witch's attacks faster!


Can't forget about the boss enemies! These enemies will have much higher HP for you to tear through than the weak ghosts do! For these fights, you will need some strategically placed upgrades to survive and win!