Flying Eyeball

From Idling To Rule The Gods
Flying Eyeball
Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
15001 1 10000 5000
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
None. Increases the bonus for all campaigns by an extra 0.85% * class level if your class is an adventurer. If its class is adventurer, it will earn double Dungeon XP (not Class XP) and marked enemies will take 10% + ¼CL% more damage, maxing at 35% extra damage.
Unlock Criteria Evolution Requirements
Pet Token Total Growth 35000
Material 1750 Bound Feather
Other Kill 4000 marked enemies.
A flying eyeball that seeks to assist those who it accompanies. They mark the lowest max hp enemy for the other pets to target.

Special Ability

When evolved into an adventurer, Flying Eyeball will receive double Dungeon Level XP. Equipping an Ego Sword (or tier equivalent) or Gram will remove this bonus. Notably, this pet will gain CL as an adventurer from dungeons. Only the DL XP is doubled however.

Even though Flying Eyeball is an adventurer specialist, it is designed to be a dungeon pet. While in dungeons, its first attack will instead "mark" the enemy with the lowest max HP and cause all other pets to target the marked pet. If Eyeball can take more than 1 action per turn (having 500+ Speed) any additional actions after marking the enemy will be normal attacks.

It will mark another enemy once the previous marked enemy dies. Mage attacks and other multi-target pet attacks will all focus on the marked enemy instead of being spread out like normal. This is useful for quickly killing enemies that can summon backup or for killing the Mirrors in Neutral/Elemental Infinity Tower. Marked enemies will also take (10 + CL/4)% extra damage, maxing at 35% at CL 100

Flying Eyeball benefits from being geared toward Speed, so it will mark the enemy before your other pets attack. This is especially helpful when trying to reach the evolution condition.