Fishing Pond

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Fishing gives you a boost to the growth gained from pet feedings, up to an extra 200%. After the first 3 hours of a rebirth, this bonus decreases linearly, reaching zero at 30 hours. The boost is additive to the pet food bonus from SpaceDim.

Anything gained while Fishing (Fishing Level, Fish Power, caught fish, etc.) is permanent and will not be reset on rebirth.

You can choose to either fish manually at 100% speed, or allocate a Water element pet to the fishing pond to automatically fish at a slower speed. There are two other pet slots as well, but they are not required to auto-fish.

Pet 1: Adding a Water element pet into this slot will allow you to auto-fish at a rate of (50 + Class Level / 2)%. The pet does not need to be evolved, or any particular class, for auto-fish to work. An evolved Swan gives an additional fishing speed bonus of (0.2%)*(CL) if used in this slot.

Pet 2: Adding a pet here will increase the base fishing speed by (Class Level / 2)% (additive bonus). This speed bonus works for both manual fishing and auto-fishing. This pet does not need to be any particular element or class.

Pet 3: Adding a pet here will auto-sell any caught fish, and multiply the amount of Fish Power you get for selling them by (100 + Class Level)%. This pet does not need to be any particular element or class, but evolved Koigives (0.2%)*(CL) fishing points.

Any pets set to the Fishing tab will earn Class XP equal to the Fishing XP received. Similar to the RTI tab, pets slotted into the Fishing tab will earn additional Class XP from dungeon teams if they have an Ego Sword equipped, instead of the usual Dungeon XP.

Fishing speed is also increased by multiplicative bonuses based on your fishing rod (see below), and your Fishing Level (+2% per level).

The basic mechanics are quite simple. Depending on which pond is selected, there is a pool (no pun intended) of available fish to be caught. One fish is selected randomly, and depending on that fish's difficulty, a specific amount of time must elapse (fishing speed increases or decreases the time required). Once the timer finishes, the fish is caught, and you gain fishing XP for it. If a pet is selected in the third slot, the fish will also be sold for Fish Power; otherwise, you must manually click a button to sell your fish.

Gaining enough fishing XP automatically increases your Fishing Level, which increases fishing speed, and unlocks new ponds.

There are a total of 10 ponds you can use to fish, but initially you can only catch fish in first one, New Pond. You unlock the ability to fish successfully in the next pond every 3 Fishing Levels. Each new pond holds better fish that sell for more Fish Power, but starting with the Kind Pond you will need to use Bait, bought with Fish Power, to be able to catch all Fish in it. So it's advised to stay at Lazy Pond until you can buy the best Rod you want to go for. If you have a high class Level Pet in the Autosell Spot, your mind may change though.

Average Gains Per Pond

Within a given pond, the chance of selecting any given fish is based on the rarity levels of all the fish in that pond, with higher rarity giving a lower probability. The formula is:

Once the probabilities are known, the expected Fishing XP and Fish Power (per second and per catch) can be calculated. The key is to consider the expected time for each catch, using each fish's catch time and probability:

Similar calculations give the expected Fishing XP per catch, and expected Fish Power per catch. Dividing these by the expected time per catch gives us the following results:

Table updated 2022-02-28 for game version 3.81.1302
Pond Exp/sec FP/sec FP/catch (after bait) FP/catch (after bait) CL25 Pet FP/catch (after bait) CL50 Pet Bait cost/catch Level Needed
New Pond 0.204 0.121 0.654 0.818 0.981 0 0
Lazy Pond 0.279 0.147 1.368 1.710 2.052 0 3
Kind Pond 0.583 0.271 1.565 1.956 2.348 5 6
Stupid Pond 0.061 0.323 6.547 8.184 9.821 5 9
Sad Pond 0.798 0.380 2.647 3.309 3.971 15 12
Midlife Pond 0.720 0.391 7.436 9.295 11.154 15 15
Kinky Pond 1.168 0.533 3.238 4.048 4.857 30 18
Great Pond 1.082 0.527 11.733 14.666 17.600 30 21
Sacred Pond 1.293 0.570 10.238 12.798 15.357 50 24
Final Pond 1.465 0.507 19.5 24.375 29.25 50 27


Lazy Pond has 4 fish, with rarities {2, 2, 3, 4}. To calculate the sum of 1/rarity for all these fish, we write them out as fractions: 1/2 + 1/2 + 1/3 + 1/4. With a common denominator of 12, we can rewrite this as 6/12 + 6/12 + 4/12 + 3/12, which gives a sum of 19/12.

Therefore, the probabilities of the individual fish in Lazy Pond are 6/19, 6/19, 4/19 and 3/19, respectively.

To calculate the expected time per catch:

Xp Needed For Level

Level XP Needed
1 100
2 1,100
3 8,100
4 27,100
5 64,100
6 125,100
7 216,100
8 343,100
9 512,100
10 729,100
11 1000,100
12 1331,100
13 1,728,100
14 2,197,100
15 2,744,100
16 3,375,100
17 4,096,100
18 4,913,100
19 5,832,100
20 6,859,100
21 8,000,100
22 9,261,100
23 10,648,100
24 12,167,100
25 13,824,100
26 15,625,100
27 17,576,100

Each fish you catch gives you a certain amount of Fishing XP and Fish Power (FP). You unlock a new pond every 3 levels up to level 27 where you open the final pond. The maximum fishing level is 100.

You can see these values by clicking Fish with your current pond selected. You accumulate FP by selling fish, which then gives an additive boost to Pet Food at a rate of FP^0.25. The base bonus to food growth slowly decreases the longer you are in a rebirth, losing 3.33% of the total boost per hour with a full reduction of the bonus at 30 hours.

For example, a 31.6% base boost to food will decrease to 18.96% after 12 hours for example, and reset to 31.6% after you rebirth again. You can view your "base boost" by hovering over the "Pet food boost:", while the "Pet food boost:" shows your current bonus, depending on your rebirth length.

The Pet Food bonus caps at 200%, but can be increased beyond this to increase the amount of time you have a larger boost. For example, if you have enough FP to give a base bonus of 300% you will still only get a maximum of 200% but you can keep that 200% for longer due to the linear decay of the bonus. Instead of beginning the decrease at 200%, it will start the decrease at 300% even if only the first 200% is effective. It will still reach 0% at 30 hours, but you can keep a higher value for longer.

Fish List

Fish Pond Rarity Base Catch Time XP Fish Power
Boots New Pond 1 3 seconds 0.5 0
Shrimp New Pond 3 6 seconds 1.3 1
Clam New Pond 3 6.5 seconds 1.4 1
Snout New Pond 4 8 seconds 1.7 1
Crab New Pond 4 10 seconds 2.2 2
Lazy Rinny Lazy Pond 2 6 seconds 1.5 1
Squeeny Lazy Pond 2 8 seconds 1.9 1
Seastar Lazy Pond 3 12 seconds 3.5 2
Green Jelly Lazy Pond 4 15 seconds 5 2
Perch Kind Pond 2 15 seconds 8 3
Makarel Kind Pond 2 22 seconds 12 7
Trout Kind Pond 3 32 seconds 20 8
Red Carp Kind Pond 5 40 seconds 25 12
Fishbone Stupid Pond 1 25 seconds 1 8
Bottlefish Stupid Pond 2 35 seconds 2 10
Eyefish Stupid Pond 3 40 seconds 3 14
Eye of Pond Stupid Pond 4 55 seconds 4 18
Gremifi Stupid Pond 5 60 seconds 5 21
Crappy Sad Pond 1 30 seconds 20 10
Bigmofi Sad Pond 2 40 seconds 30 15
Sadfish Sad Pond 2 51 seconds 40 20
Sad Shark Sad Pond 2 62 seconds 50 25
Eye of Jelly Sad Pond 3 75 seconds 75 30
Poison Perch Midlife Pond 1 44 seconds 30 15
Squid Midlife Pond 2 64 seconds 48 25
Midlife Fish Midlife Pond 4 73 seconds 50 33
Moonfish Midlife Pond 5 88 seconds 70 40
Poison Gill Kinky Pond 1 50 seconds 55 24
Green Carp Kinky Pond 3 70 seconds 75 35
Kinky Fish Kinky Pond 4 80 seconds 90 50
Queen Satchy Kinky Pond 6 95 seconds 150 60
Red Betta Great Pond 2 60 seconds 60 32
Speedy Spearfish Great Pond 3 72 seconds 75 38
Mighty Carp Great Pond 4 100 seconds 115 52
Fugu Great Pond 6 120 seconds 140 63
Goldfish Sacred Pond 1 80 seconds 90 45
Golden Rinny Sacred Pond 3 110 seconds 140 65
Smilefish Sacred Pond 4 140 seconds 190 75
Blue Carp Sacred Pond 6 200 seconds 330 120
Spike Tuna Final Pond 1 120 seconds 160 60
Rainbow Fish Final Pond 4 150 seconds 220 75
Angler Fish Final Pond 5 180 seconds 280 90
Kraken Final Pond 20 240 seconds 600 150


On top of gaining Fishing Levels and adding pets, buying rods and some bait will also increase your fishing speed. There are four rods available to purchase, each of them increasing your fishing speed by 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100% depending on the rod you buy.

Rod Description Speed Cost
Stick Rod A simple stick with a string attached. It also can be used to catch fish, but fish will struggle a lot with it until you catch them. 1 Free
Wooden Rod Similar, but more durable than the Stick Rod. 1.25 25,000
Bamboo Rod Bamboo is a bit tougher than usual wood, so it is more durable and fish have an even harder time to struggle than with the wooden rod. 1.5 100,000
Voodoo Rod Someone applied voodoo magic to that rod which makes it more durable than a usual rod. 1.75 500,000
Titanium Rod This rod is basically unbreakable and can catch any fish without trouble. 2 3,000,000


All of the bait options will broaden the type of fish you can catch, but only some of them increase your fishing speed. Each fish has an assigned catch time, which can be seen in the fish's tooltip. The higher leveled fish take more time, and that requires a bait designed to catch them. Each bait allows you to catch fish with an additional 30 seconds base catch time. The first bait allows you catch all the fish in the first 2 ponds, but after that you will need to start upgrading if you want to have the strongest fish available.

Bait Description Speed Cost
Feather Ball A ball with a feather. Some fish might even go for it. Unlike other baits, this won't be used up after catching a fish. Works for fish with a base catch time of 30 seconds or less. 1 Free
Simple Worm A simple worm. Some fish like to go for it, others not. Works for fish a base catch time of 60 seconds or less. 1 5
Big Worm A bigger worm, most fish will go for it. It works for most fish in all but the two last ponds. Works for fish with a base catch time of 90 seconds or less. 1 15
Caterpillar A cute caterpillar. Many fish will really like it and it also increases the fishing speed by 25%. Works for fish with a base catch time of 120 seconds or less. 1.25 30
Super Worm A majestic worm which can attract any fish. The best and most expensive bait. Can be used anywhere and increases the fishing speed by 50%. 1.5 50