Elemental (Pet)

From Idling To Rule The Gods
Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
46665 15555 15555 15555
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
Increases all her campaign gains by 150% Increases the speed and quality of creating equip by an extra 2% * CL if your class is a blacksmith.
Unlock Criteria Evolution Requirements
Unlock via the Tavern with a special rank SSS quest Total Growth 150000
Material 150 Mythril
Other Defeat any Depth 4 Difficulty 5 boss.
A girl born from the power of all elements.

Special Ability

In addition to being a powerful crafting blacksmith, Elemental also has incredible power in dungeons. She is able to increase the element stats of all pets in the same team as her by 0.5% per CL. Her own damage is increase by 15% per CL as well, if her class if Blacksmith. This means at CL 100, she will increase all elements by 50% for all pets in her team and increase her own damage by 1500%.