Easter Eggs

From Idling To Rule The Gods

Below is a list of known Easter Eggs in the game. If you find any easter eggs not listed on this page, please reach out to Trey or Skyshatter on Discord to have it added.

69 Pet Token[edit | edit source]

Funny number. Yes, this is really a thing. If your total max clones is equal to 69,696,969 you will unlock a free pet token. This can cost a large amount of GP, since the 1 and 1000 clone GP purchases are not very efficient. You can also unlock this in any of the Patreon Gods Challenge challenges, which can be useful since in PGC 10 and 23, this is rather easy compared to normal play! For reference, check the picture below.

69 token.png

Nooby Method - 100 Ultimate Baal Challenges[edit | edit source]

Named after the player who convinced the developer to add this in, and not actually recommended for newer players to do. Completing 100 UBCs will auto-complete all 50 AAC. As long as your UBCs take 1-2 days to complete, doing this is much more time-efficient than doing 50 AACs. However, you lose out on much of the benefit AACs can bring by forcing you to do longer rebirths: V2 kills for GP, V4 kills for V4 points, RTI perm level trainings, and much more. The Nooby Method is a faster way to complete AAC, which are time-gated and cannot be sped up. This method is often not advised, unless you are serious about speeding through the game. Many players can start to feel bored and mentally exhausted after 50 UBCs, let alone 100.

UBV2C 11[edit | edit source]

Completing an 11th UBV2C will further boost the planet multi you receive from Ultimate Beings V2. This is naturally done as part of improving the Wolf pet, but can be done at any time. This is quite a bit harder than UBV2C 10, needing an additional 200-300 Might levels.

Godly Shoot[edit | edit source]

This minigame can be accessed only on Steam and Kongregate, not on the Android version. To access the minigame, just type the Konami Code!


Further details on the minigame can be found on the Godly Shoot page.

Afky God Codes[edit | edit source]

On the AFK screen, you can play the Afky God minigame. You can alter the appearance of your Afky God's attack by entering specific codes on the Afky screen. These have no impact on the game and are purely cosmetic. Try to find them all, or check out the list of known codes here: List of AFKY-God Attack Codes

NDMC 22[edit | edit source]

Hinted in the in-game description for the challenge, doing 1 additional No Div Monument Challenge, for a total of 22, will unlock a hidden reward. Completing this challenge requires creating 1 black hole with 1 upgrade while not being able to use divinity. If you want to know what is unlocked by completing this 22nd challenge, see below.

Suwesh Was Here[edit | edit source]

Reaching infinite stats will unlock a new cosmetic item for your god. Reaching infinite stats is different depending on what challenges you have done.

  • No UBCs done? You will reach infinity at P.Baal v126.
  • All UBCs done and an RTI <138? You will reach infinity at P.Baal v147.
  • RTI >138? Infinity will be 10+RTI Score.

If you reach v147 for the first time while in an RTI, you must save and reload in order to get the cosmetic.

Spoiler 1: Nothing To See Here[edit | edit source]

Read at your own risk. This section will talk about a secret in the game that is not very obvious unless you know where to look. The first hint is listed below. But don't worry, there's Nothing to see here.

More spoilers:

Spoiler 2: Electric Fool-galoo[edit | edit source]

Well, you finished the first spoiler. Ready for another one, but with more con-fool-sion? You've come to the right place. New hidden content was added with the 2022 April Fool's Day update, which included a fake Blue Screen of Death courtesy of the God of Fools, Loof Slirpa, and a message from the God of Light, Hyperion. These have since been removed from the game, but one thing does still remain... Can you guess his true name?

To learn more about the hidden content added to the game, see the link below.

Spoiler 3: Who?[edit | edit source]

Another one of these things? Yet another hidden feature has been added to the game. You can learn more about the first hint toward unlocking this by reading the description of P.Baal v37, The Feytheful Messenger. Information is also available on the wiki, which you can read at the link below.