From Idling To Rule The Gods
Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
12500 4500 3000 5000
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
+151% food camp, +75% godpower camp. Increases the speed and quality of creating equip by an extra 0.9% * class level if your class is a blacksmith.
Unlock Criteria Evolution Requirements
Pet Token Total Growth 40000
Material 2000 Fire Stone
Other Give it a total of 100 level 13 gems on hand. The gems are consumed.
Dwarf loves competition and pushes himself to be the best. Dwarf's favorite rival is Elf. He gets a bonus to crafting speed and quality depending on how many level 13 gems you give him.

However he fails to become better than Elf.

Special Bonus

After evo, you can give Dwarf a level 13 gem of any element to increase his crafting quality and speed bonus by 0.1%, but this cannot exceed Elf's crafting bonus from Tier 3 and 4 equipment. (E.g. Elf has 8.3% bonus, Dwarf's bonus cannot be 8.4% or higher, it can only be 8.3% or lower.)