Div Gen Challenge

From Idling To Rule The Gods


In this challenge, you will need to build a divinity generator as high as possible.

Unlock Condition

Holy ITRTG Book unlocked.




Challenge Points: 25
Statistics Multi: 3,000,000

Increases the filling speed of worker clones by 12% (multiplicative) and divinity gain from over-capping by 5% (additive) per challenge finished.

Maxing all 25 of them will increase the divinity you get from the Ultimate Beings depending on the divinity per second from the divinity generator, including the temp bonuses like over-capping or crystals.

Recommended Stats

The first few DGCs can be done with 50K+ BS and 10M+ Clones. Due to scaling, you will want to take this challenge in pieces and complete one or two more as you have a considerable increase in power. For the later ones, you want strong BS% from pet equipment (300%+), a strong v140+ RTI score with over 1M perm levels in Spacedim, BS and Divinity, 200-300M+ Clones and enough chakra pills to run a day or two of x4 BS.

Use your best Blacksmith, Rogue, and Supporter in RTI to boost SD, Div, and BS.


Each Level from 2+ doubles the Div/sec requirement. A simple formula for figuring out the next level's required divinity gain and conversion speed levels is below:


where A = the divinity gain/convert speed level needed for the previous divgen (assuming equal levels in both).

This is assuming no changes to the FSM bonus, Crystal levels or any other bonus to div gen. In practice, boosts from Fusion Retrofitting spacedim and Divinity RTI will massively lower the divgen levels needed for successive DGCs. At the limit, it is best to spend half the total clonetime levelling RTI sd, div and bs first, and then levelling divgen. For a strong player with a v147 RTI, this limit is close to being reached when the expected rebirth duration is around a day. The weaker the player's RTI and clones and the shorter the expected rebirth duration, the lower the fraction of the rebirth time spent levelling RTI should be.

Challenge # Divinity Needed (Suffix) Divinity Needed (Scientific)
1 1 quintillion 1.00 E+18
2 4 quintillion 4.00 E+18
3 8 quintillion 8.00 E+18
4 16 quintillion 1.60 E+19
5 32 quintillion 3.20 E+19
6 64 quintillion 6.40 E+19
7 128 quintillion 1.28 E+20
8 256 quintillion 2.56 E+20
9 512 quintillion 5.12 E+20
10 1.024 sextillion 1.024 E+21
11 2.048 sextillion 2.048 E+21
12 4.096 sextillion 4.096 E+21
13 8.192 sextillion 8.192 E+21
14 16.38 sextillion 1.638 E+22
15 32.77 sextillion 3.277 E+22
16 65.54 sextillion 6.554 E+22
17 131.1 sextillion 1.311 E+23
18 262.1 sextillion 2.621 E+23
19 524.3 sextillion 5.243 E+23
20 1.049 septillion 1.049 E+24
21 2.097 septillion 2.097 E+24
22 4.194 septillion 4.194 E+24
23 8.389 septillion 8.389 E+24
24 16.78 septillion 1.678 E+25
25 33.55 septillion 3.355 E+25

Some values are rounded.