Decorator Crab

From Idling To Rule The Gods
Decorator Crab
Total Growth Physical Mystic Battle
29997 9999 9999 9999
Campaign Bonus Special Ability
+35% item camps. Increases the bonus for all campaigns by an extra 1.75% * class level if your class is an adventurer.
Unlock Criteria Evolution Requirements
Pet Token Total Growth 125000
Material 1,250 Magic Ice
Other Give it 2000 Shiny Stones.
A small crab which likes shiny things. It walks around and uses everything it likes to decorate itself.

You can give it shiny stones for an increase in item camp bonus and a chance for finding an extra item.

Special Ability

You can give Shiny Stones to your Decorator Crab to increase its item camp gains. Every 500 Shiny Stones given will increase the pet stone gain, and chance to find an item, by 1%. This maxes at a 50% increase when 25,000 Shiny Stones are given.

Shiny Stones are dropped by the Mimic enemy in Depth 3 Dungeons.